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November 19, 2020 Report - Oct 26 - Nov 20 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team)
     - EIC Conceptual Design Review page turns/dry runs
     - EIC FCC-ee diagnostics polarization meet (Nov 5)
     - MGMT Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee, DEI inclusion, staffing)
     - MGMT JSA BoD Monthly contributions (Nov 6)
     - ODU USPAS training and planning meetings
     - ODU Dissertation defense (Jose Marin, Oct 28)
     - VACATION (half-day Oct 30)
  Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC FCC-ee Week presentations (Nov 9-12), budget (Nov 12)
     - EIC Conceptual Design Review (Nov 16-18)
     - EIC design plan updates (Nov 19-20)
     - EIC Director's Review page turns (Nov 19-20), associated homework
     - MGMT Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee, staffing, diversity)
     - ODU USPAS training and planning meetings
     - ODU Xelera SBIR weekly meeting (Tuesdays)
     - ODU Sunil Pokharel candidacy oral exam (Nov 20)
     - VACATION (Nov 13)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6) 
     - ER@CEBAF optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     -	Presentation on CEBAF FFA at JLAAC
     -	PRAB paper review 
     -	PERLE Optics design
     -	Annual appraisal 
  Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - FFA CEBAF Optics  - 6-pass Cell design
     -	ER@CEBAF optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     -	Muon Acceleration for Muon Collider - presentation for European Muon Collider Study Group
     -	PERLE Optics design

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
     - Get coupled-bunch instability modeling done 
     - Did theoretical calculation for coupled-bunch instability growth rate for eSR of EIC
     - Made sure modeling agree with theoretical prediction
     -Participate task force meetings/discussions/activities on impedance in eSR of EIC
  Next two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6) 
     - Summarized my results for the interplay of coherent beam-beam and wake-induced coupled-bunch instability
     - Presented my results at the EIC impedance/instability working group
     - Continue to study convergence of the modeled dipole coupling with respect to the number of macroparticles used in my simulation
     - Gained some understanding of the effect non-Gaussian distribution on the dipole coupling due to nonlinear beam-beam force
     - Discussed with Yue Hao of BNL/MSU on beam-beam modeling for flat beams of EIC
     - Discussed with Cheng-Ying Tsai (my earlier student) of HUST about IBS effect in CSR-induced microbunching instability

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
     - I was listening attending the Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders, and took part in a panel.
     - Worked on finalizing my PRL submission for the DESIREE experiment
   Next two weeks (Oct 23 - Nov 6)
     - Finished PRL paper and submitted it
     - Submitted proposal for more beam time at DESIREE for the next experiment.
     - Took, Nov 3-4 off
     - Have been working on getting up to speed on Hall D APEL related information

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     - Work on Problem of the Quarter
     -	AIFOA1: bi-weekly PI meeting, graduate student search and recruitment
     -	RADSMA: continued data exploration of SmartAlarm data
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     -	Training
     - Various seminars attended (OWLE, Radiasoft)
     - Volunteer work for NeurIPS conference next month
     -	PRAB paper accepted for publication
     - Final edits as reviewer for a PRAB paper
     -	Vacation

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
  Next two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
     - Took a close clook at Gang Wang heating. We understand most of the math and underlying assumptions now.
     -	My tracking code that calculates the space-charge kicks during bunched cooling now uses a 3d charge distribution instead of the 2d one we used to work with. The 
       result is closer to reality and allows us to look at both transverse instabilities at the same time; however, the penalty in terms of computing time is
       unsurprisingly massive.
     -	The results from the first two bullet points are in reasonable agreement (factor of 1.5).
     -	All of this has been incorporated in the revised manuscript for the IMP experiment. The current version addresses all comments made by the reviewers. It is now 
       being circulated; I do not expect any major revisions at this point.
  Next (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Work on Bob's RF issues

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Worked on the storage ring cooler project  
     -	Continued involving the study of electron polarization in the EIC 
     -	Prepared and gave a seminar lecture for graduate students at HUST in China 
     -	Miscellaneous: attended the EIC eSR polarization meeting, attended the EIC RCS polarization meeting, attended EIC design team meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting,
       attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project Status meeting, attended the EIC general meeting, attended the EIC hadron polarization meeting
  Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Work on electron polarization in the EIC 
     -	Work on the storage ring cooler project  

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - I was working on momentum aperture and Touschek lifetime calculation in dual energy storage ring.
     - We are using our own python script to calculate momentum aperture in dual energy ring. This code printsout the maximum momentum acceptance value for each 
       machine element. Dr. Fanglei Lin has written the python code for it and I am trying to understand and implement it in our system.
     - I have presented the status and update on dual energy ring cooler in EIC meeting at Jefferson Lab on Nov 06. Dr Douglas Higinbotham asked me to present my research 
       in that meeting as I got the EIC fellowship 2020.
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - I will be working on momentum aperture calculation in dual energy storage ring. We came to know that the momentum aperture in high energy ring is smaller than the 
       momentum aperture value in the low energy ring. This is limited by the SRF cavities we use to accelerate the beam energy in high energy ring.
     - I will be editing the tech notes written on dual energy storage ring. When editing completes, It will be sent to JLab online system.
     - Calculating Touschek lifetime analytically and using elegant simulation.

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - 2nd IR work: completed IR optics and geometry adjustment
     - Electron spin tracking
     - FFA work
     - Preparing and giving a talk on the 2nd IR at the 4th EIC Yellow Report Workshop 
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Optimization coupling in the electron ring to adjust the beam aspect ratio
     - Polarization work
     - 2nd IR work
     - FFA work

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
     - Submitted input to EIC Biweekly report.
     - MADX optimization of integrated solenoid/quadrupole/skew quadrupole fields for a compact spin rotator. Integrating the quadrupole and skew quadrupole fields into 
       the solenoids can potentially save ~10 m of space per solenoid, for ~20 m total. Solutions matching to the optics while zeroing out the coupling parameters beta12, alfa12,    
       beta21, and alfa21 using PTC_TWISS in MADX were very difficult to find when dispersion constraints were also included in the optimization. Preliminary solutions for both        
       solenoid modules were found by relaxing the horizontal dispersion and dispersion prime constraints on the match. The coupling parameters are about an order of magnitude 
       larger than in the original lattice, and further work is needed to study the implications of this on the beam dynamics in the spin rotator.
     - Attended meetings on revisions of the IMP experiment paper.
   Next two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Collected and edited inputs to the September 2020 EIC Design Update Newsletter.
     - MADX optimization of integrated solenoid/quadrupole/skew quadrupole fields for a compact spin rotator. Continued optimization to reduce the magnitudes of the coupling 
       parameters and final quadrupole strengths.
     - Attended the EIC Workshop on potential international collaborations.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Oct 12 - Oct 23)
     - rayTrace 
           - Prototyped statistical methods for twiss parameter fitting for raytrace. Discussed that with Dennis. He is implementing it in his code.
     - Reviewer for experiment E12-09-016.  Attended review, wrote recommendations, edited final report.
     - halla beamline meetings. Working with physics to define the next iteration of the hall a beamline in order to prepare for SBS experiments and Moller
     - BTEAM meetings, preparation and coordination.
     - AI Lunch Series talks
     - Evaluations, revising expectations for staff , writing own evaluation
     - Optics troubleshooting guide meeting
   Next two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Vacation
     - Working on various optics for the Hall A beamline
     - Coordinating BTEAM activities
     - Bibliographic search related to using AI methods for streaming data with an eye towards using that for a global lock system
     - Writing requirements for next iteration of CED import.

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - 2nd IR layout and optics matching
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - 2nd IR layout and optics match
     - hall A beam line reconfiguration

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Read on ‘Linac Optimization’
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Attending “Introduction to overleaf for non-Latex user & intermediate level” webinars organized by CERN.
     -	Writing a code to optimize quadrupole strengths for FODO cell phase advance using GA.
     -	Learning functional programming and debugging the code

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - rayTrace
           - Continue refining rayTrace data collector and analysis code
           - Continue developing an operator tool for rayTrace analysis
     - Complete GEN150 Annual Property Custodian training
     - Complete self assessment and career profile
     - Install pyTorch and go through tutorials
     - UITF
           - Help get IHAM803 and IHAM905 usable by qsUtility
           - Continue refining elegant deck and UED
     - Attend AI Lunch Series talks, Accelerator seminars, etc.
     - Attend BTeam, CASA, AIPINJ, etc meetings
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - rayTrace
          - Data collector ready for one more test and release to production
          - Building analyzer GUI for Ops to plot beta functions, orbits, coupling, etc.
     - HLA
          - Helped Michele take ownership of the RF cavity history and DRVH manager tools from me.
     - Attended ORFP/Cold Startup/Optics Troubleshooting Guide meeting
          - Looking into elegant model and rayTrace data to help figure out why we had excessive corrector steering in the 1E and 2E regions
     - Attended Radiasoft webinar on ML with Sirepo/Activait
     - Attended AI Lunch Series talks, Accelerator Seminars
     - Completed ODH training
     - Attended 0800, BTeam, AI FOA meetings

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)     
     - Finished parallelizing JSPEC using openmp
     - Start coding non-Gausian IBS calculation.
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20) 
     - Add a feature to output the friction force in JSPEC. 
     - Test JSPEC python wrapper and prepare an example.
     - Start coding non-Gaussian IBS calculation.

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
  Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26  - Nov 6)
     - Isotopes – Worked on and completed thermal analysis on the 5kW radiator and raft. Created a presentation and am ready to present to reviewers. Working with NMT on
       FLUKA absorbed power density distributions for the 5kW run for the window, radiator and crucible.
     - ARDDOT - Finished the assembly of the ARC 7 SLM stands, they are ready for installation.
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Isotopes – Present 5kW thermal analysis to a group of engineers. Work on 50kW design.
     - ARDDOT – Work with S&A on the ARC 7 assemblies

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - Wrote up and submitted the quarterly report for the Electron Cooling FOA
     - Completed AWPs for Innovative High Energy Electron Cooling for EIC project
     - Met with videographers to determine what they can film in the LERF.
     - Put together budget information for the Isotope quarterly and got it verified by finance.
     - Had a kickoff meeting for a Photon Source Working Group.
     - Formally ended the Low Energy cooling meeting series
     - Helped come up with recommendations for moving the ERL workshop from June 2021
     - Straightened up LERF in preparation for a video shoot for a new lab video.
     - Worked to find home for IR Demo magnets
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Assist in preparing materials for ERR of 5 kW operation
     - Review Export Control and FOUO compliance with external lawyers
     - Review PRAB paper
     - Review DOE SBIR proposal
     - Assist in remote laser audit in the LERF
     - Attend the EIC Conceptual Design Review
     - Go over CDR appendix looking for potential lethal flaws in the low energy cooler design.

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
     - EIC: I attended meetings, including the Editorial Board, as well as the Review.  The editorial activity will probably greatly expand in December.    
     - Isotopes: the Quarterly Report was finally sent out and including a reasonable understanding of the irradiation results.  We are now addressing the ERR documentation for
       the 5 kW irradiation, which we have promised before Thanksgiving.  The Review will occur at the beginning of December and the 5 kW irradiation itself the week of January 11-16.
       We will administratively restrict access to the GTS vault during the irradiation because of airborne radiation and ozone, both of which will be tracked for future irradiations.
       This request has been agreed by Riad.  
     - PERLE: there was a PERLE Collaboration Board meeting, following which I had a discussion with the Achille Stocchi and a couple of others on the conditions that they would
       like for Jefferson lab participation.  I sent Stuart and Andrei a synopsis of this so they could prepare our response  
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - EIC: again, I attended meetings, including the Editorial Board.  I provided feedback to Bhawin and Fanglei on how to calculate the Touschek lifetime in the two energy
       cooler - resulted in doubling the lifetime!    
     - Isotopes: We have made excellent progress on preparing the documentation for the ERR as well as building new hardware.  Kevin built a new raft, Adam Stavola has made 
       progress on getting pieces for a coincidence measurement of an aliquot of the irradiated gallium (Joe did the 3-D design and the Detector Group built us a beta detector). I
       think we will be able to submit the documentation for the ERR by Thanksgiving, on schedule for the ERR December 14 (the 11th is the back-up date), which Camille is setting up.
       I also attended another virtual seminar organized by the ONP Isotope program - mainly on chemical separation which was not too interesting for us, but I need to support our
       Program Manager!  
     - Photon Source Working Group: I sent feedback to Steve, suggesting some basic first decisions.  Hopefully, he will bring them up.