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December 17, 2020 Report - Nov 23 - Dec 18 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC Director's Review dry runs (Nov 23/30), dress rehearsals (Dec 3/4)
     - EIC FY21 labor planning, design and R&D plans
     - ADMIN IR2@EIC workshop planning meetings, EIC second IR meetings
     - MGMT Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee, staffing, diversity)
     - ODU USPAS training and planning meetings (Fridays)
     - OPS KLF, Hall D APEL information exchange meets (with Edy)
     - ADMIN IPAC'21 planning (Thursdays)
     - ODU Xelera SBIR weekly meeting (Tuesdays)
     - HOLIDAY (Thanksgiving, Nov 26-27)
     - VACATION (1/2 day Nov 25)
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC Director's Review (Dec 8-11), homework etc
     - ODU Isurumali meetings re ER@CEBAF, python optimizations
     - ADMIN APS DPB exec committee quarterly (Dec 11)
     - ADMIN IR2@EIC workshop (Dec 15-16)
     - MGMT Evals, Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee, AWPs, calibration)
     - ODU USPAS training and planning meetings (Fridays)
     - ADMIN IPAC'21 planning (Thursdays)
     - ODU Xelera SBIR weekly meeting (Tuesdays)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4) 
     -  Vacation
     - FFA CEBAF Optics  - cell optimization and multi-pass linac optics 
     - ER@CEBAF optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     - Preparing Accelerator Seminar on ‘Future NP Machines at JLAB: 24 GeV CEBAF and a 54 GeV Site Filler’
  Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - Weakly focusing multi-pass linac optics
     - FFA CEBAF Optics  - FODO cell optimization 
     - Setting up GA for linac optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     - PRAB paper review 

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18) 

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - For the past two weeks I have been working on my talk for the KLF workshop, and delivering it.
     - Setting up a simulation infrastructure for Hall D, as well as DESIREE
     - Some work for my potential ECA proposal (asuming it gets encouraged)
     - Working on fixing up my DESIREE paper for submission to a different journal
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - I'll be on vacation

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Vacation (and holiday break)
     - Update training
     - Volunteer work for NeurIPS conference
     - Final editing and proof sign offs for PRAB - finally published! (and an "Editor's Suggestion" too)
     -	RADSMA: collaboration meeting and data exploration of smart alarm data
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     -	"Problem of the Quarter" presentation
     -	AIFOA: PI meetings
     -	RADSMA: collaboration meetings
     -	ARDFML: data exploration, application of unsupervised learning on summer 2020 data labels
     -	Attend NeurIPS conference
     - serve on PERLE injector review committee
     - Attend seminars (CASA, OWLE, etc.)

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Haven't needed to do UITF shifts so far. There were some issues with the target, and Cebaf staff has been helping out with shifts as well.
     -	The copyediting process of the IMP article is in progress. The results have been unsatisfactory so far. I hope to understand why the process is designed the way it is and
       ultimately change it or at least improve the documentation. The way it currently is, publishing a decent-looking and standard-conformant PRAB paper is impossible.
     -	Regenerative BBU studies. I'm trying to use "bi" to simulate it.
  Next (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - UITF shifts maybe
     -	More BBU and other RF studies

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Continued involving the study of electron polarization in the EIC 
     -	Worked on the storage ring cooler project  
     -	Took a few days off 
     -	Miscellaneous: attended the EIC eSR polarization meeting, attended the EIC RCS polarization meeting, attended EIC design team meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting,
       attended the EIC general meeting 
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Take vacation

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Momentum aperture and Touschek lifetime were calculated in a dual energy ring with two set of energies, low energy ring = 150 MeV and high energy ring = 500, 1000 MeV. The
      calculated lifetime are couple of hours. Touschek lifetime were calculated using elegant simulation and using analytical formula. However, there is some discrepancy of 
      calculated lifetime especially in high energy ring.
     - I was working on tech notes on dual energy storage ring. About 6 tech notes were prepared and edited.
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - I will be working to figure out the discrepancy in Touschek lifetimec calculation in a dual energy storage ring.
     - I will complete the tech notes.

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Preparing and giving presentation on the spin transparency experiment at the DoE PI exchange meeting
     - Study of the control of the vertical electron beam size at the IP by coupling
     - Bench-marking of polarization lifetime calculations
     - FFA work: optimization of a CEBAF FFA cell
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Preparing and giving a talk on the EIC 2nd IR at the 2nd IR workshop
     - 2nd IR work: optimization of the ion IR2 lattice for low-energy operation
     - EIC ion polarization: first estimate of the ion polarization lifetime due to longitudinal IBS
     - CDR: updates of the ion polarization section and the 2nd IR appendix
     - Optimization of the vertical electron beam size at the IP
     - CEBAF FFA work

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - HLA
           - Developed and released cs2sdds, a tool for importing machine settings from EPICS or MYA into an elegant deck
           - Continue development of rayTrace analyzer GUI for 
     - Ops
           - Training
                 - Completed SAF210 5-Minute Escape Pack Training
                 - Completed SAF116kd Physics Work Governance
                  -Completed GEN034 Security Awareness
           - Participated in ORFP/Cold Startup/Troubleshooting 
     - Guide discussions
            -Investigate 1S/1E and 2S/2E steering errors
     - Attended OWLE Seminar on Automated LHC Collimator Setup with ML
     - Work through online PyTorch tutorials
     - Attended 0800, BTeam, CASA meetings
     - Thanksgiving Holiday  
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - HLA
          - Rewrote parts of my SDDS_Perl library to speed up loading data for the rayTrace analyzer
          - Continue work on rayTrace analyzer GUI
     - Training
          - Completed GERT training
          - Read and signed 2021 General Access RWP
     - Working through PyTorch book and tutorials
     -AI FOA
          - Attended meetings
          - Presented timeline for Year 1 milestones
     - AIPINJ
          - Tweaking the element layout in the elegant deck and CED
          - Revisit chopper modeling in elegant
     - Drove to JLab to get SmartCard update
     - Attended Cold Startup/ORFP/Troubleshooting Guide meetings
     - Attended AI Lunch Series, Accelerator Seminars, Radiasoft Webinar on photoinjector modeling in Sirepo/OPAL.
     - Attended 0800, BTeam meetings

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)     
     - vacation most of the time. 
     - Friction force output almost done. Need testing. 
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18) 
     - Write a report on JSPEC development from the middle of 2018 till the end of 2020.
     - Continue coding non-Gaussian IBS.
     - Finish two training.
     - Prepare a talk for snowmass discussion on quantum computing. 

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Isotopes – Assisted S&A with the alignment of the beryllium vacuum window, radiator and raft. Started working on a HPGe detector support structure design.
     - ARDDOT - With S&A completing the alignment of the three Arc 7 SLMs I started working on the optical alignment. Most of the first one is complete.
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Isotopes – Support next week’s run remotely. Continue to work on the HPGe support structure
     - ARDDOT – Complete the optical alignment of the three SLMs. Start working on diagnostics upgrade to CEBAF (simulations, engineering and designs). 

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Prepared and presented program summary for Nuclear Physics Accelerator R&D Exchange meeting
     - Reviewed and edited the LED for the LERF
     - Reviewed PRAB paper
     - Reviewed DOE SBIR proposal
     - Prepared talks for 5 KW ERR
     - Attended the FFA workshop (remotely)
     - video shoot for a new lab video.
     - Worked to find home for IR Demo magnets
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Present talk at ERR for 5 kW Isotope run.
     - Review Physics of Plasma paper
     - Look at JLAMP redesign
     - Review LERF start-up procedures
     - Submit Technical note for Low Energy cooling for the EIC
     - Complete and get AWP for Isotope program approved
     - Review Export Control and FOUO compliance with external lawyers
     - Help set up installation of horizontal corrector for Isotope beamline.

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - EIC: I attended meetings, including the Editorial Board.  
     - Isotopes: This was a major effort over the last two weeks.  All of our documentation was submitted a week before the ERR, as promised, with the exception of the RSAD 
       because Keith Welch had to have a retina reattachment.  Joe has done an excellent job of calculating that the target, raft and crucible are thermally stable, and Kevin has 
       finished building these.  On the other hand, the beam window was calculated and recalculated by Joe, always resulting in producing window failure.  Thermal management was the
       subject of an Engineering review by Dave Meekins and Tim Whitlatch, who agreed with Joe’s calculations.  I contacted ANL-LEAF and was able to negotiate a loan of a window that
       has taken up to 500 µA, three times higher than we need.  We have to arrange to have it shipped here and installed before our run on the week of January 9.  I also have made 
       progress on two talks I have to make to the ERR Committee on December 14.   
     - PERLE: There has been some movement on PERLE, with an email from Achille, which prompted a response from State and Andrei.  They are trying to arrange a videoconference 
       before Christmas. 
     - I made some (helpful?) suggestions to Amy and Edy on their long proposals for the early Career Award, assuming that they will be invited to submit them.  
     - Funds: We are waiting for a decision by the DOE-ONP Isotope Program on funding for our two proposals for the FY21/FY22 period.  That now looks like it will be further delayed
       until (hopefully) December 18, if Congress passes a budget for FY021 (new starts are forbidden during a Continuing Resolution).  
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - EIC: I attended meetings, including the Editorial Board.  The upcoming period I will be more involved in editing the CDR.   
     - Isotopes: I prepared two talks for the Isotope Review and dry run some of the others.  The Review went well, with questions on the window. I had contacted ANL to borrow a
       window; they sent the window and the detailed design, which enabled Joe to calculate it. Initially his calculation did not give a positive result. Dave Meekins pointed out that
       it was because Joe was modeling the window as a solid, not a shell.  When it was calculated as a shell, it could be demonstrated to be safe. We finished the week preparing for
       the run. Lila is making progress; I also attended another of the DOE Isotope Program Seminar series - the pet project of our funding manager.    
     - PERLE: there was videoconference where some progress was made.  There is agreement that PERLE can use the AES booster module, and we need to provide a SoW for replacing
       the cavities.  Achille reiterated that he was willing to fund the SRF work at JLab, just needs all of the documents signed!  
     - VNECA: Good meeting to bless the Governors Nuclear Energy Strategic Plan, which we helped develop.  There are opportunities for Jefferson Lab to take an active role, but
       actually, we are on the sidelines.  But it is good for our image in Richmond to be seen to be helping with the Governor’s plans.  
     - Still in Continuing resolution awaiting info on further funding from the DOE Isotope Program.