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March 19 2020 Report - Mar 2 - Mar 27 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB writing/meets, group move planning, PRAB review
     - MGMT AI for NP workshop, prepare for possible Coronavirus MEDCON5
     - EIC Meetings, BNL work/resource planning, parameter review
     - OPS UITF tour, start CASA involvement; positron beams meet
     - OPS CEBAF high current, diagnostics support planning
     - OPS KLF discussions, proposal contribution
     - ODU/SBIR Prep Sunil Pokharel for Xelera SBIR, grad student review
     - IPAC Light peer review assistance (Peter McIntosh)
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - MGMT MEDCON5 information gathering and group communication
     - MGMT Strategy meetings (Coronavirus, EIC, ops support/BTeam)
     - ADMIN Weekly AI meeting, 12 GeV paper contribution writing
     - EIC Weekly JLab strategy meeting, labor resource/FOA planning
     - EIC Temple Meeting telecon (Mar 19), strategy telecons (Mar 18)
     - EIC BNL Impedance, Magnetized beam SBIR, RCS task force telecons
     - OPS BTeam/daily operations telecons, Hall D TAC procedure review
     - OPS High intensity run HOM/BBU calculation review/planning
     - OPS KLF collaboration proposal review/writing
     - VACATION 1/2 day Fri 03/20, 1/2 day Mon 03/23

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13) 
     - Machine support 
     -	Conducting Graduate Student Progress Review 
     -	'First cut' chicane layout with Cornell’s magnets
     -	PRAB paper review
     -	TRC invention disclosure review.
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Second iteration on chicane layout, per input from Chase
     -	SBIR proposal review
     -	Paper on neutrino decay ring design
     -	Exploring Jupyter Notebook for USPAS course on Practical Lattice Design.

'Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28) On Leave
     - Participate in bnl/jlab remote meetings
     - Participate in ALS-U remote impedance meetings
  Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13) Work at home 
     - Read over collective effect studies in the eRHIC design
     - Email discussions with fellow EIC task force members of EIC, Mike Blaskiewicz and Alexei Blednykh, on status
       of instability and impedance in the EIC design
     - Read over BNL impedance calculation results for EIC
     - Participate remote impedance meeting for EIC
     - Participate remote impedance meeting for ALS-U 
     - Email discussion of EIC impedance results with JLAB colleague Frank Marhauser and Bob Rimmer
     - Study Frank's impedance results for corrugated beam pipe

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - I started out working on my ECA application, but decided that I should not pursue that this year.
     - I've mostly been working on DODGE since then
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - I will be working both on DODGE, and I have been reading through the eRHIC pCDR.

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Meetings/prep for AI FOA
     - Meetings/writing/prep for Accelerator Stewardship FOA with CN
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Meetings/writing/prep Accelerator Stewardship FOA (due early April)
     - Investigating SRF fault data to see if there is sufficient information for AI to make predictions of faults

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
  Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Reasonable progress on IMP data analysis; discussions about the transverse stuff are still going on while IMP is understaffed due
       to Covid
     -	Gave presentation on data analysis at CASA meeting
  Next (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Start telecommuting on Mar 17
     -	Write PRAB article

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
       - Took one week off due to an illness
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Worked on teaching material for the Spin@USPAS class
       - Studying eRHIC design and participated in the discussion of EIC task forces
       - Miscellaneous: attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended meetings for the Spin@USPAS class, attended the EIC
         accelerator design team meeting
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Study eRHIC design and prepare for the contribution to the design of EIC

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - I got student grant to participate in AccApp20 conference which was supposed to held in Vienna, Austria from
       April 05 - 09, Vienna, Austria.
     - I was busy for visa application process and I got a visa to attend the conference.
     - Understanding damping time and IBS time in a two-energy storage ring.
     - Target Operator training at Hall C, Hall C walk-through training.
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Calculating damping and IBS time.
     - Participating JLab hack-athon and AI workshop.
     - Canceling all reservation which was made for AccApp20, Now AppAcc20 is offcially canceled.
     - Working intensely in a two-energy storage ring project.
     - Acknowledgement: Thanks to Dr Vasiliy Morozov who has greatly helped us every time. He is very smart to
       figure out the problems with solutions.

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Resubmitted a PRL article on spin transparency
     - Planning of collaborative work with BNL
     - Work on detector solenoid integration
     - Work on two-energy storage ring cooler
     - Spin tracking for the transparent spin experiment
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Preparation of a PRAB paper on spin response function
     - Work on detector solenoid compensation
     - Spin tracking simulations 
     - Work on beam-beam modeling
     - Work on crabbing dynamics

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - H- intrabeam stripping estimate in JLEIC ion linac using PyORBIT. Cleaning up of the lattice model used by M.
       Clyburn to split the superconducting RF cavities to incorporate three gaps versus a single gap per cell.
       Calculations of the H- intrabeam stripping cross-section as a function of the relative beam velocity. First
       pass at calculating the fractional beam loss as a function of linac length.
     - Longitudinal Schottky signal analysis for the IMP cooling experiment including dithered electron beam data.
       Dithering the electron beam by 100 - 1000 Hz at different electron and ion bunch lengths generated more
       sidebands in the cooling process that persist even in the later stages of the cooling duration. Additional
       satellites at the dithering frequency are sometimes seen in the spectra, but not for every parameter set, so
       conclusions on general behavior are difficult to make. Focus will be on the fixed frequency data for the
       resultant publication.
     - Discussions with A. Hutton and Y. Derbenev on new electron EDM experiment concepts.
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Participation in the AI for Nuclear Physics workshop.
     - Continued work on the H- intrabeam stripping estimates.
     - More discussions on electron EDM.
     - Completing Radworker 1 training.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package
     - Using the conjugate gradient method and writing in Python, we added the two-dimension Poisson Equation solver to CASA Beam-Beam
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Continue working on revising CASA Beam-Beam package.

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - IPAC papers 
     - Multipole correction for jelic icr (not converging probably due to too many correctors?)
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - IPAC papers 
     - Multipole correction for jleic icr 
     - Looking at EIC detector solenoid compensation

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - We are working on revising Lie-operator code part of CASA Beam-Beam package, the
       part will record the details of “slice-slice” kick which acts on the 6 phase space coordinates at s=0(the IP)
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Continue working on revising CASA Beam-Beam package.

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - AIPINJ
        - Yet another layout update
        - Got input Twiss and solenoid setpoints from Alicia's GPT model.
        - Got QW fieldmaps from Jay and imported into elegant deck; verified the generic KQUAD models are not far
        - Rematched with QWs and new input Twiss for all the wien configurations; sent required QW setpoints to Jay
     - 12GeV PRAB
        - Completed draft of Beam Locks section
     - 'AI
        - Gathered RF data from MYA for model training
     - Optics On-Call
        - Was called in to assist with Injector rematch after Wien flip
     - Safety Stand Down
     - Attended CASA, BTeam, AIPINJ, AI Lunch meetings
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - AIPINJ
        - Layout up to chopper should be finalized soon; get floor coordinates to S&A once it's finalized.
        -  Get FX/FY fieldmaps from Jay to compare settings from elegant vs GPT.
        -Figure out how to include Wien filter field maps into elegant, perhaps using Astra as an intermediate.
     - UITF tour
     - AI for NP workshop
        - Lots of things to look up and learn about
     - Work with Brian Freeman and Tief on SLM emittance measurements
     - Perhaps ressurect efforts on rayTrace
     - Test QTSnyder and MultiWire if Beam Studies time becomes available.
     - Attend CASA, BTeam, 12GeV PRAB, AIPINJ, AI Lunch meetings.
     - Secondary Optics On-Call

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)     
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13) 


Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
  Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Travel: 2/28 - 3/8 - IBIC 2020 PC Meeting 

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Isotope Experiment – Spent a large portion of the last two weeks on this project. Started with support of the 1kW run which
       had to be terminated early to investigate the solid hBN target that developed a crack. We had discussions on the cause of the
       crack as well as a path forward. Going forward we decided to investigate the use of graphite over hBN due to its better thermal 
       and electrical conductivity. I performed some analytical energy loss and absorbed power calculations on the window, radiator and
       target. Three targets were analyzed, solid hBN, solid graphite and gallium filled graphite. Using these numbers I ran a number of 
       simulations of these three cases plus a few more using different material properties. I made a presentation of the results.
     - Halo monitor – – The missing $27k received by JLab. We are working on creating an account code for these funds
     - ARDDOT – Started investigating a new design for SLM1A09 to place the camera over the dipole. The idea is to use the dipole
       steel as additional radiation protection. 
     - HPWS - I created an analytical as well as a sequential Zemax simulation of the optics use to image the wire as well as 
       collect photons into a photodiode.
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - HPWS – Design a test setup to pulse a diode laser that simulates the electron beam. This will allow us
       to test the scanner’s acquisition in pulsed mode. 
     - ARDDOT – Build first a sequential Zemax model of the new SLM1A09 optics then move to a non-sequential Zemax model. After 
       completion of the Zemax models create a solid model and then prepare a presentation for review.
     - Isotope Experiment - Support 1kW run.

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Assisted in isotope commissioning run the week of March 9. Will have to redo due to target damage.
     - Hosted seminar by Ying Wu.
     - Sent Straight merger coils to ANL
     - Certified User Lab 4 for laser operation
     - Signed off on TOSP for laser testing in User Lab 4
     - Worked with Operations liaison to revise turn-on procedures for the LERF
     - Continued to review the new LERF Operations Directive
     - Completed report for CBETA close-out revie
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Set up simulations of EIC cooling
     - Review Optics Communications paper
     - Finalize the new LERF Operations Directive
     - Organize studies for low energy cooling on eRHIC

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - EIC, participated in some meetings, I am unimpressed!  I also have been advising Yuhong about a different
       parameter set with more, smaller bunches.      
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - EIC, Michelle Shin and Manouchehr were visiting today and Mike Spata told them about my proposal to change
       frequency to 800 MHz.  I met them both at lunchtime so I got the chance to do a sales pitch.  They were
       receptive - particularly with regard to ONP being the contact for the future CERN SRF, not HEP!  So when
       there is an explosion from BNL about DOE knowing about the frequency change proposal, it wasn’t me!  I 
       attended a video conference on SRF where the enormous problems caused by the few, big bunches were discussed.
       I think they would be very receptive to a change in the operating mode that distributed the charge more 
     - Isotope preparations continue.  We heard today that Jamal will not be able to accept the crucible until his
       new lab is set up - and we have no date for that.  I am maintaining the 1 kW run and will move ahead to use
       the data to prepare for a 5 kW run, perhaps sometime in April.  
     - I participated in VNECA which is now focusing on generating a strategic plan for nuclear energy in Virginia.
       I can’t participate in preparing the plan, but they would welcome someone from JLab.  
     - I am in the process of canceling my trip to AccApp 2020.  A clear instruction from DOE forbidding foreign
       travel would be most helpful in getting reimbursements.  
     - I signed up for HPI training next week - did you know it is two mornings, 2 1/2 hours each?