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March 19 2020 Report - Mar 2 - Mar 27 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB writing/meets, group move planning, PRAB review
     - MGMT AI for NP workshop, prepare for possible Coronavirus MEDCON5
     - EIC Meetings, BNL work/resource planning, parameter review
     - OPS UITF tour, start CASA involvement; positron beams meet
     - OPS CEBAF high current, diagnostics support planning
     - OPS KLF discussions, proposal contribution
     - ODU/SBIR Prep Sunil Pokharel for Xelera SBIR, grad student review
     - IPAC Light peer review assistance (Peter McIntosh)
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - MGMT MEDCON5 information gathering and group communication
     - MGMT Strategy meetings (Coronavirus, EIC, ops support/BTeam)
     - ADMIN Weekly AI meeting, 12 GeV paper contribution writing
     - EIC Weekly JLab strategy meeting, labor resource/FOA planning
     - EIC Temple Meeting telecon (Mar 19), strategy telecons (Mar 18)
     - EIC BNL Impedance, Magnetized beam SBIR, RCS task force telecons
     - OPS BTeam/daily operations telecons, Hall D TAC procedure review
     - OPS High intensity run HOM/BBU calculation review/planning
     - OPS KLF collaboration proposal review/writing
     - VACATION 1/2 day Fri 03/20, 1/2 day Mon 03/23

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13) 
     - Machine support 
     -	Conducting Graduate Student Progress Review 
     -	'First cut' chicane layout with Cornell’s magnets
     -	PRAB paper review
     -	TRC invention disclosure review.
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Second iteration on chicane layout, per input from Chase
     -	SBIR proposal review
     -	Paper on neutrino decay ring design
     -	Exploring Jupyter Notebook for USPAS course on Practical Lattice Design.

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - On Leave
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27) 
     - Work at home

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - I started out working on my ECA application, but decided that I should not pursue that this year.
     - I've mostly been working on DODGE since then
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - I will be working both on DODGE, and I have been reading through the eRHIC pCDR.

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Meetings/prep for AI FOA
     - Meetings/writing/prep for Accelerator Stewardship FOA with CN
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Meetings/writing/prep Accelerator Stewardship FOA (due early April)
     - Investigating SRF fault data to see if there is sufficient information for AI to make predictions of faults

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Attended many meetings remotely
     -	Worked on luminosity optimization in low CM energy
     -	Worked on storage-based cooler and IMP experiment.
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Attended many meetings remotely
     -	Worked on luminosity optimization in low CM energy
     -	Worked on storage-based cooler and IMP experiment.

Max Bruker

  Previous (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Reasonable progress on IMP data analysis; discussions about the transverse stuff are still going on while IMP is 
       understaffed due to Covid
     -	Gave presentation on data analysis at CASA meeting
  Next (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Start telecommuting on Mar 17
     -	Write PRAB article

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
       - Took one week off due to an illness
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Worked on teaching material for the Spin@USPAS class
       - Studying eRHIC design and participated in the discussion of EIC task forces
       - Miscellaneous: attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended meetings for the Spin@USPAS class, attended the EIC
         accelerator design team meeting
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Study eRHIC design and prepare for the contribution to the design of EIC

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Hall C walk-through training and the First Target Operator (TO) shift on March 03 and March 04.
     - Participated in JLab Hack-Athon and AI workshop. March 03 - March 06. Please see attached images.
     - Understanding damping time and IBS time in a two-energy storage ring.
     - On March 08, 2020. I got sick and went to the hospital. I got the flu. Unable to work for a week.
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Calculating damping time and IBS time.
     - Go through some references and Slava’s paper on ‘ Electron Cooling for RHIC’.
     - Figure out the optimized parameters in a Two-Energy Storage Ring design.
     - Canceling all reservation which was made for AccApp20, Now AppAcc20 is officially canceled.
     - Regular group meeting on Two-Energy Storage Ring via BlueJeans (First was on March 20, 2020 at 2:30 PM)

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Work on detector solenoid compensation: teleconference with collaborators and study of closed orbit correction schemes
     - Preparation of a PRAB paper on the transparent spin response function
     - Participation in planning of collaboration with BNL
     - Spin tracking simulations
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Participation in the YR workshop
     - Work on detector solenoid compensation
     - Preparation of a PRAB paper on the transparent spin response function
     - Spin tracking simulations
     - Two-energy storage ring cooler
     - Crabbing calculations
     - Beam-beam calculations

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Participation in the AI for Nuclear Physics Workshop.
     - Literature search on electron and proton EDM experiment concepts.
     - H- intrabeam stripping estimate in JLEIC ion linac using PyORBIT. First pass at calculating the fractional beam loss as a 
       function of linac length, as well as the estimated power loss along the linac. 
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Continued work on the H- intrabeam stripping estimates. Conversion of TRACK output for comparison with PyORBIT estimates. 
       Writing up the results for a future conference paper.
     - Continued literature search on proton and electron EDM experiments.
     - Literature search to better understand the polarized proton and 3He linacs at RHIC/BNL EIC.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package
     - Using the conjugate gradient method and writing in Python, we added the two-dimension Poisson Equation solver to CASA 
       Beam-Beam package.
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Continue working on revising CASA Beam-Beam package.

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - 
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - AIPINJ
        - New layout; close to finalized.  Updated elegant decks.
        - Rematched new layout for various Wien configurations and provided QW and solenoid setpoints.
        - Simulated harp emittance measurements to verify it will work with the latest layout.
        - Prepared slides regarding optics to present to AIPINJ meeting. 
     - HLA
        - Tweaks to qsUtility.
        - Reviewed rayTrace code and began code cleanup and streamlining.
     - Attended AI for NP conference.
     - Attended BTeam, CASA, AIPINJ, AI Lunch, and 12GeV PRAB meetings.
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Optics On-Call
     - AIPINJ
        - Build a deck for the run after the summer shutdown.  We will be running 130keV with the new beamline up to the chopper, and 
          existing beamline downstream.
        - Present optics slides to AIPINJ meeting.
     - HLA
        - Continue with rayTrace.
     - AI
        - Provide detailed outline of RF cavity instability detection idea for upcoming funding proposal.
        - Experiment with using Keras/TensorFlow on archived RF cavity data to learn hands-on.
     - Attend BTeam, 12GeV PRAB, AI Lunch, Accelerator AI, AIPINJ, CASA, 0800 meetings. 
     - Remain socially distant.

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)     
     - Finished the UI of the new JSPEC code. Finished testing features in most scenarios. The new codes have been released in a new
       github repository. A few small new features added. Examples with results are added to the erpository. Documents has been updated. 
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27) 
     - Add cooling mode of using multiple electron bunches to cool one long ion bunch.
     - Add mode of the edging effect of the electron bunch. 
     - Continue document the code. 
     - Perform simulation on IMP experiment

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
  Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Isotope Experiment – Spent a large portion of the last two weeks on this project. Started with support of the 1kW run which
       had to be terminated early to investigate the solid hBN target that developed a crack. We had discussions on the cause of the
       crack as well as a path forward. Going forward we decided to investigate the use of graphite over hBN due to its better thermal 
       and electrical conductivity. I performed some analytical energy loss and absorbed power calculations on the window, radiator and
       target. Three targets were analyzed, solid hBN, solid graphite and gallium filled graphite. Using these numbers I ran a number of 
       simulations of these three cases plus a few more using different material properties. I made a presentation of the results.
     - Halo monitor – – The missing $27k received by JLab. We are working on creating an account code for these funds
     - ARDDOT – Started investigating a new design for SLM1A09 to place the camera over the dipole. The idea is to use the dipole
       steel as additional radiation protection. 
     - HPWS - I created an analytical as well as a sequential Zemax simulation of the optics use to image the wire as well as 
       collect photons into a photodiode.
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - HPWS – Design a test setup to pulse a diode laser that simulates the electron beam. This will allow us
       to test the scanner’s acquisition in pulsed mode. 
     - ARDDOT – Build first a sequential Zemax model of the new SLM1A09 optics then move to a non-sequential Zemax model. After 
       completion of the Zemax models create a solid model and then prepare a presentation for review.
     - Isotope Experiment - Support 1kW run.

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Assisted in isotope commissioning run the week of March 9. Will have to redo due to target damage.
     - Hosted seminar by Ying Wu.
     - Sent Straight merger coils to ANL
     - Certified User Lab 4 for laser operation
     - Signed off on TOSP for laser testing in User Lab 4
     - Worked with Operations liaison to revise turn-on procedures for the LERF
     - Continued to review the new LERF Operations Directive
     - Completed report for CBETA close-out revie
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Set up simulations of EIC cooling
     - Review Optics Communications paper
     - Finalize the new LERF Operations Directive
     - Organize studies for low energy cooling on eRHIC

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - I visited Jamal at VCU to find out more information on the hot cell we need for Isotope separation.  Jamal has been 
       shut down by their Radiation Officer until the hot-cell has been relocated. The future location has been secured. However, 
       with the coronavirus, I do not expect any rapid resolution of the problem.  
     - We carried out our first irradiation in the hutch, unfortunately fracturing a solid block of boron nitride used for setting 
       up CW beam (I have described this in detail in other correspondence, I will not belabor it here).  The Isotope team is 
       preparing for a supplemental ERR as we are considering changing the crucible to graphite.  A suitable graphite grade has 
       been identified and a dozen blocks ordered (Kevin). We all received measurements of the residual metallic impurities, which 
       are being looked at by RadCon for completeness (Keith).  The NMT students are on Spring Break and have ramped up thermal 
       simulations, which are being compared to our simulations (Joe). 
     - I participated in a VNECA meeting, which was unusually interesting as we are trying to address the major changes in 
       energy policy enacted by the Virginia legislature (again, I reported on this in a separate report).  
     - I completed my HPI training.  Overall, I was not impressed, the trainer spent too much time pointing out mistakes made at 
       Jefferson lab in the past (totally against the principles of HPI).  
     - I attended a meeting of the EIC RF group discussing HOM losses in the electron ring SRF cavities, but did not contribute 
       much. Bob and Frank know way more than I ever will.  I have also interacted with Vasiliy and Yuhong on increasing the 
       luminosity in the medium energy region.  
     - I provided advice to Alex and Deborah about the Awards and Prizes Committee which I initiated, was not maintained, and which 
       Alex is now willing to take on.  I stressed that this initiative will only work if Stuart mandates the team.  
     - My week ended with a request to self-isolate until further notice.  
   Next two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - I am now working from home, for which I am well equipped.  
     - I will be following up on the isotope preparations.
     - I will work through the luminosity parameters in the eRHIC pCDR and have already found some errors.