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March 5 2020 Report - Feb 17 - Mar 13 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - ADMIN AI/ML planning, training, paper reviews (NIM, PRAB, NSERC)
     - MGMT Meetings, SSIII hire next steps,
     - EIC Meetings, Dave Douglas planning, parameter review
     - OPS Daily meetings, re-engage with operations daily needs
     - OPS GlueX/KLF collab meeting prep, meetings (Feb 12-13)
     - IPAC Conference committee followup, SAB selections
  Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB writing/meets, group move planning
     - MGMT Group meet (Feb 19), Stand-down (Feb 26), LMBB
     - EIC Meetings, BNL work planning, parameter review
     - OPS Optics on-call (through Feb 25), Hall D raster optics
     - OPS KLF discussions, proposal contribution
     - ODU/SBIR Start prepping Sunil Pokharel for Xelera SBIR work
     - IPAC Light peer review assistance (Peter McIntosh)
     - VACATION (Feb 27)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14) 
     - Machine support, OOC
     -	PRAB paper review
     -	CEBAF ER chicane re-config. with Cornell’s magnets
     -	USPAS 21 course on Practical Lattice Design, rescoping work with Cédric 
  Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Machine support 
     -	Preparing  for  Graduate Student Progress Review 
     -	CEBAF ER chicane with Cornell’s magnets
     -	Exploring Jupiter Notebook for USPAS course on Practical Lattice Design

'Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
  Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28) 

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - Presenting a short AI talk at ODU/JLab Engineering Meeting
     - Organizing all aspects of AI Hackathon
     - Big effort with Lasitha to work on new models for SRF classifier
     - Generate and submit pre-proposal with CNU for FOA ("Accelerator Stewardship")
     - Generate content for possible AI (public) webpage
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Meet with communications group about AI webpage
     - Deploy (hopefully) new models for SRF classifier
     - Safety stand down
     - Continue work for AI Hackathon
     - Presenting work at AI Lunch Series about winning Problem of the Quarter #3

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
  Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - Literature study on ferrite-based cavity tuning, harmonic kicker prototype, and cavity plasma processing
     -	Analysis of IMP experiment
           - Consistency checks of electron bunch length and relative phase
           - Comparison of relative beam loss and evolution of statistical moments
           - Started analysis of dithering data; massive effect on RF spectrum not understood yet, reason for increase in beam loss unclear
  Next (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Continue analysis

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
       - Worked on the storage ring cooler project
       - Worked on teaching material for the Spin@USPAS class
       - Studying eRHIC design and participated in the discussion of EIC task forces
       - Miscellaneous: attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended meetings for the Spin@USPAS class,
         attended the EIC accelerator design team meeting
  Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Work on teaching material for the Spin@USPAS class
       - Study eRHIC design and prepare for the contribution to the design of EIC

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks ()
   Next two weeks (Jan 6 - Jan 17)

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Resubmitted a PRL article on spin transparency
     - Planning of collaborative work with BNL
     - Work on detector solenoid integration
     - Work on two-energy storage ring cooler
     - Spin tracking for the transparent spin experiment
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Preparation of a PRAB paper on spin response function
     - Work on detector solenoid compensation
     - Spin tracking simulations 
     - Work on beam-beam modeling
     - Work on crabbing dynamics

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - H- intrabeam stripping estimate in JLEIC ion linac using PyORBIT. Cleaning up of the lattice model used by M.
       Clyburn to split the superconducting RF cavities to incorporate three gaps versus a single gap per cell.
       Calculations of the H- intrabeam stripping cross-section as a function of the relative beam velocity. First
       pass at calculating the fractional beam loss as a function of linac length.
     - Longitudinal Schottky signal analysis for the IMP cooling experiment including dithered electron beam data.
       Dithering the electron beam by 100 - 1000 Hz at different electron and ion bunch lengths generated more
       sidebands in the cooling process that persist even in the later stages of the cooling duration. Additional
       satellites at the dithering frequency are sometimes seen in the spectra, but not for every parameter set, so
       conclusions on general behavior are difficult to make. Focus will be on the fixed frequency data for the
       resultant publication.
     - Discussions with A. Hutton and Y. Derbenev on new electron EDM experiment concepts.
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Participation in the AI for Nuclear Physics workshop.
     - Continued work on the H- intrabeam stripping estimates.
     - More discussions on electron EDM.
     - Completing Radworker 1 training.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Jan 6 - Jan 17)
     - Vacation (until Jan 8)
     - AI workshop organizing committee meetings and organizational work
     - Accelerator restart, BTEAM meetings
     - TRC committee meetings
     - FOA report on beambeam
     - Staff evaluations
   Next two weeks (Jan 20 - Jan 31)
     - Hall A recommissioning, review of specifications for beam deliveries
     - USPAS meetings 
     - Preparation of slides for summer USPAS teaching  
     - Preparation of lecture notes for USPAS
     - Staff evaluations, final step
     - Calculations for spin transport IPAC contribution (with J. Grames/M. Joyce)

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Jan 6 - Jan 17)
     - Chromaticity correction
     - Added two mobius insertions to the ICR
     - Multipole correction for jelic icr
   Next two weeks (jan 20 - Jan 31)
     - Designing a dual arm chicane for Hall D energy doubling
     - Multipole correction for jleic icr

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - We are working on revising Lie-operator code part of CASA Beam-Beam package, the
       part will record the details of “slice-slice” kick which acts on the 6 phase space coordinates at s=0(the IP)
   Next two weeks (Mar 2 - Mar 13)
     - Continue working on revising CASA Beam-Beam package.

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - Tried to obtain the same diffusion plot for eRHIC parameters as in FOA-18. 
     -	Prepared a report for Oral qualifying exam.
   Next two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - Figure out the inconsistency of diffusion rate results with BNL plots.
     -	Start working on simulations for DODGE project.

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - AIPINJ
        - Updated elegant deck to reflect layout changes from ME.
        - Verified apertures wide enough for solenoid scans
        - Match with Darmstadt triplets vs. various wien angles.
     - Hall A target position excursion
        - Attended emergency meeting
        - Recompiled Chime for RHEL7
        - Provided scripts and Chime configs for target positions and current lock
        - Fixed the above scripts when they became broken overnight.
     - 12GeV PRAB
        - Searched for sources for beam locks section
     - 'AHLA
        - Spoke with Chris Slominski about taking over Fopt; he is not retiring after all.
     - Optics On-Call
     - qsUtility tweaks
     - MultiWire tweaks
     - Provided input to Chris Tennant for the DOE AI for NP teleconference
     - qsUtility for UITF
     - Attended BTeam, AIPINJ Modeling, CASA, AI Lunch, 12GeV PRAB, DOE Town Hall meetings
     - Registered for USPAS and AI Workshop
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - AIPINJ
        - Provide nominal fields for solenoids and Darmstadt triplets to assess cooling requirements, etc.
        - Include field maps in the elegant deck as they become available.
     - Beam Studies
        - Test QTSnyder and MultiWire if Beam Studies time becomes available.
     - 12GeV PRAB
        - Write draft Beam Locks section
     - Attend BTeam, AIPINJ Modeling, CASA, AI Lunch, 12GeV PRAB meetings.

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)     
     - Finshed the SBIR proposal and related forms.
     - Started running turn-by-turn simulation for IMP experiment. 
     - Testing new version of JSPEC. Add a new feature to JSPEC: load the ion beam sample from file, which could be used to continue a saved
       simulation or to use user-defined ion beam distribution. 
     - Calculated the effect on the cooling rate by the momentum spread of the electron beam
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28) 
     - Finish revising the UI and start document the codes.
     - Perform simulations on IMP experiment.


Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
  Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Isotope Experiment – Reinstalled the camera that images the alignment target after another RADCON mock
       run. Prepare for next week run.
     - Halo monitor – The missing $27k was returned to Radiabeam. They have asked guidance on how to wire the
       funds to us but nobody seems to be helping them. Not sure we will ever see it.
       routine code and the funds went to the State Department instead of DOE.
     - ARDDOT – Preparing an installation manual for the CEBAF Viewer replacement. Took sometime this week to
       clean up Lab 2 after quarterly safety walk through remarks.
     - HPWS - Had some meetings to decide on functionality of the controls and GUI.
     - Safety - Had the Quarterly as well as the Monthly Saftey LERF inspection. Housekeeping and low
       illumination was the only concern. Housekeeping was remedied and FM is working the lights.
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - HPWS – Design a test setup to pulse a diode laser that simulates the electron beam. This will allow us
       to test the scanner’s acquisition in pulsed mode. 
     - ARDDOT – Continue working with Zemax. Start working on a couple of different optical designs that will
       allow the cameras on the CEBAF SLMs to be in a lower radiation environment. The current beam setup in CEBAF
       allows for much higher production of radiation at the detriment of the electronics in the tunnel.
     - Isotope Experiment - Support 1kW run.

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - FE 14)
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - Visited Duke University and helped out with OAM gamma production experiment 
     - Continued to review the LOD
     - Straight-merger coils are complete and installed in the measurement apparatus. 
     - Review abstract on LHeC dynamics
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - Assist in the isotope line commissioning run and isotope production run.
     - Host seminar by Carlos Hernandez-Garcia
     - Plan seminar on OAM gamma production
     - Prepare for an attend the final CBETA review 

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Feb 3 - Feb 14)
     - The last two weeks have been consumed by my proposal to change the frequency of eRHIC to 800 MHz.  That includes demonstrating that the
       eRHIC harmonic number does not need to be divisible by 3, preparing a paper for publication (where?), and updating my presentation. I 
       have been rather vocal in pushing this idea as I think it will help define how CASA collaborates with BNL in the future.  
     - I also spent a small amount of time preparing for the first Gallium irradiation which was terminated due to an administrative fault by
       one of the best operators.  We are also looking into irradiating Vanadium 51 to make Scandium 47, another interesting radioisotope.    
   Next two weeks (Feb 17 - Feb 28)
     - For the 800 MHz proposal, who knows?  I also would like to spend time with Yuhong and Vasiliy to develop an alternative luminosity 
       optimization to see if we can come up with better numbers.  
     - For the isotope program, we will hopefully have our first irradiation during the week of March 12, so we will need to prepare for that.  
     - I will be at the VNECA meeting in Richmond next Wednesday.