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April 2 2020 Report - Mar 16 - Apr 10 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27) 
     - Second iteration on chicane layout, per input from Chase
     -	SBIR proposal review
     -	Paper on neutrino decay ring design
     -	Jupyter Notebook examples for USPAS course on Practical Lattice Design. 
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Attend Muon Collider Mtg. at CERN 3/31-4/2
     -	Multi-pass linac optics for the LHeC ERL
     -	Revisiting UITF beam-line optics 
     -	Exploring Jupyter Notebook examples

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10) 

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Reading through the eRHIC pCDR
     - The Ghost Team pulled out fo the DODGE project at this point So I switched to working on putting together a simulation
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - I will be working on this simulation package

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Meetings/editing/prep/presentations for AI FOA
     - Meetings/writing/editing/begging for letters for Accelerator Stewardship FOA with CNU
     - Meetings/prep/discussion AI Lunch Series
     - "Attended" several sessions of NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference
     - Analysis of ML model performance on CEBAF data (prior to MEDCON6)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Finalize and submit Accelerator Stewardship FOA
     - Meetings/editing/prep/presentations for AI FOA
     - Meetings/editing/prep for LDRD
     - Outline/draft of peer-reviewed paper for SRF Fault Classifier

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Attended many meetings remotely
     -	Worked on luminosity optimization in low CM energy
     -	Worked on storage-based cooler and IMP experiment. 
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Attended many meetings remotely
     -	Worked on luminosity optimization in low CM energy
     -	Worked on storage-based cooler and IMP experiment.

Max Bruker

  Previous (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Started writing the PRAB article about the IMP experiment. Some questions are still unresolved, but the quality of the 
       results is starting to look convincing nonetheless.
     -	Remotely attended the first UITF training session
  Next (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Continue and hopefully finish my part of the article. There is not much left to do as far as the longitudinal and transverse 
       profile data are concerned, but I'd like to understand what happens to the synchrotron frequency. Also, I'm getting the 
       impression that nobody quite knows what our objective/conclusion is supposed to be. I hope we'll figure it out along the 
     -	Attend more UITF training and hopefully the communication seminar that keeps being postponed.

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
       - Edited EIC task force on novel techniques for eSR polarization improvement and preparing for the kick-off meeting
       - Worked on the storage ring cooler project
       - Studying the eRHIC design and participated in the discussion with colleagues 
       - Miscellaneous: attended the EIC electron polarization meeting, attended the EIC RCS electron polarization meeting, 
         attended EIC design team meetings, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project 
         Status meeting, attended the EIC JLab RD meeting, attended the EIC general meeting
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
       - Schedule the kick-off meeting and initiate the work on the novel techniques for eSR polarization improvement
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Study the eRHIC design

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Continued work on the H- intrabeam stripping estimates. Conversion of TRACK output for comparison with PyORBIT estimates. 
       Both PyORBIT and TRACK outputs indicate that the loss rate due to H- intrabeam stripping in the JLEIC ion linac a couple of 
       orders of magnitude higher than that in the SNS superconducting linac. This results in integrated power loss of about the 
       same order, even though the beam power in the JLEIC linac is much lower. Working on checking the calculations because this 
       seems high, but the power loss rate is still lower than the threshold for which intrabeam stripping losses is considered to 
       be dangerous.
     - Calculation of RF voltages in IMP bunched beam cooling experiment based on synchrotron sideband data.
     - Literature search to better understand the polarized proton and 3He linacs at RHIC/BNL EIC.
     - Attended first session of UITF Operator Training. This was a ~2 hour presentation on facility layout, unique hazards 
       associated with UITF, some shutdown procedures, etc. 
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Continued work on the H- intrabeam stripping estimates. 
     - Continued literature search on proton/electron EDM concepts.
     - Sorting through the latest updates on EIC working groups and figuring out a workflow to manage future updates for the 
       forthcoming EIC design update newsletter.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Writing section for 12GeV paper
     - Gathering list of M56 measurements for analysis 
     - Working on beam loss in CEBAF
     - Reviewing longitudinal match strategies for CEBAF
     - Beam prep and meetings
     - Beam-beam meetings with isurumali
     - Online class on machine learning with python
     - AI meetings for FOA prep.
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Cebaf ER , reviewing lattice and scripts, documenting for Peter and Gus.
     - Developing restart for strategy for CEBAF
     - More online learning /python machine learning/data mining
     - Beam-beam FOA, start studying effect of damping in eRHIC by comparing tracked result with bb3d result and results from 
       Y. Hao's code
     - AI meetings.

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - 
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Optics on-call
     - AIPINJYet another layout change
        - New QW and solenoid setpoints for wien configurations wrt new layout
        - Harp and 0I07 solenoid moved; simulated emittance measurement to verify it still works
        - Searched drawings database to verify magnet lengths for the new deck for the upcoming 130keV run. 
     - HLA
        - qsUtility tweaks
        - rayTrace 
     - AI
         - Wrote draft outline for RF instability detection proposal
         - Collected more archive data for RF instability detection
         - Searched for papers on the old RF Distributed DAQ project
     - Read papers and technotes on longitudinal injector optics, wien filters, etc.
     - Attended BTeam, Accelerator AI, AI Lunch, CASA, AIPINJ, 0800 meetings
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - AIPINJ
        - Expect the beamline layout up to the Chopper to be finalized; finalize optics with Alicia
        - Get deck ready for 130keV run (new beamline up to Chopper, existing beamline from Chopper to Quarter)]
           - Optics match for various Wien configurations
           - Get the deck into CED
     - HLA
        - rayTrace
     - AI
        - Continue collecting RF data
        - Continue learning Keras, etc
     - UITF
        - Study Alex's Optim deck, convert to elegant
        - Attend BTeam, CASA, AIPINJ, AI Lunch, Accelerator AI meetings

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)     
     - New model added to JSPEC, which allows to use multiple electron bunches to cool one ion bunch. The electron bunches are 
       assumed identical but placed at different positions. Kick due to the raising/falloing edge of a cylindrical electron bunch 
       is added into the turn-by-turn model. 
     - Did some calculation/simulations on eRHIC low energy cooling. 
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10) 
     - Non-magnetic friction force formula to JSPEC. Heating effect to JSPEC. 
     - Keep documenting JSPEC. 
     - Perform simulation on IMP experiment if data is available. 

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
  Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Isotope Experiment –Ran several thermal analysis of both the solid hBN and graphite blocks using a FLUKA power distribution
       from Keith W. The analysis results showed that graphite is by far a much better material to use to from a thermal as well as 
       electrical standpoint. The thermal distribution additionally showed that the side cooling plates need to be extended. Ran 
       five additional analysis of a gallium filled graphite crucible at both 1kW and 5kW with various thermal contact resistances. 
       These analysis used FLUKA power distributions as inputs. Unfortunately the geometry used in the FLUKA simulations were 
       incorrect and the both the FLUKA and my thermal analysis will need to be redone. I sent the correct geometry to Keith W. 
     - Halo monitor – A new CRADA was sent to Radiabeam for signatures.
     - ARDDOT –Completed the initial mechanical design of a new SLM for 1A09. This design will be loaded into ZEMAX for 
       verification of the correct optical design.   
     - HPWS -A NCE contract was sent to Radiabeam for signatures that will move the end date of the CRADA to September 30th due to
       the CODVID-19 telework. 
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - ARDDOT –Verify the optics of the new SLM1A09 mechanical design using a non-sequential Zemax model. 
     - Isotope Experiment -Use the corrected geometry FLUKA results of the absorbed power as well as a new raft side plate design 
       to create several thermal analysis of the gallium filled graphite crucible. Work with Kevin J. on a the extended side plate

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - Got RF merger coils shipped to Argonne
     - Set up home office and hoped shut down the LERF safely
     - Tracked down replacement for failed Ortec high voltage power supply
     - Started Low Energy Cooling meeting series with Brookhaven
     - Helped set up simulations of EIC cooling
     - Reviewed Optics Communications paper
     - Reviewed latest version  the new LERF Operations Directive
     - Documented changes in the Roles and Responsibilities for the LOD for comparison between versions
     - Organize studies for low energy cooling on eRHIC
     - Set up home monitoring of LERF vacuums and coordinated with Frank Humphrey to keep them under control.
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Help to organize tutorial seminars for Accelerator Division
     - Derive new schedule and budget for Isotope exposure runs
     - Review LERF start-up procedures
     - Continue to develop Low Energy Cooling plan for EIC
     - Work on finding replacement for me on Seminar Committee.

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Mar 16 - Mar 27)
     - The last two weeks have been spent trying to get used to working from home.  I think I am getting there!  
     - For the EIC, I attended two meetings of the RF team, I wasn’t much use.  I did spend a fair amount of time to look into the 
       idea of reducing the vertical emittance in the EIC proton ring, either by emittance exchange or coupling.  For the emittance
       exchange,I am now certain that the “traditional” method of transverse-longitudinal coupling will not work for 25 GeV 
       protons. I do believe that a transverse emittance re-distribution might be possible, either in the transfer line or in the 
       Yellow Ring. Of these, the transfer line would be best.  I also think we could look into slow extraction from the AGS 
       followed by horizontal stacking in the Yellow Ring.  
     - For the Isotope Program, I have been involved in suggesting directions for calculations which are proceeding well (Joe 
       Gubeli and Keith Welch, aided and abetted by the NMT students). I have prepared a new set of milestones and sent it round 
       for comment - so far it is an anechoic chamber out there!  I also sent around information on the upcoming FOAs and got a 
       positive response from Jamal at VCU, but Doug Wells has been offline for weeks.  I suspect he has been dragged into 
       organizing teaching online, a massive task!  
     - I attended a videoconference on PERLE which is starting up again.  I wrote up a brief report fro upper management, with 
       positive response from Andrei.  
     - The ALCC is now considering writing a short White Paper to submit to the Snowmass meeting November 4-6, 2020 in Fermilab. I 
       will probably get involved editing that.  
   Next two weeks (Mar 30 - Apr 10)
     - Continue with EIC work, hopefully collaborating more closely with Dave Douglas.  
     - I will need to finalize the Isotope Milestones and send them to Ethan Balkin. I also need to write the Isotope Quarterly 
       Report, due around April 24.