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January 7, 2021 Report - Dec 7 - Jan 15 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC Director's Review (Dec 8-11)
     - EIC IR2 Workshop and OC meetings (Dec 15-16)
     - EIC FY21 labor planning, design and R&D plan updates
     - EIC CDR updates, editing
     - MGMT Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee)
     - ADMIN APS DPB Executive Committee Quarterly (Dec 11)
     - ADMIN Accelerator seminar (Alex, Dec 17)
     - ADMIN IPAC'21 planning (Thursdays)
     - ODU Isurumali meetings re ER@CEBAF, python optimizations
     - ODU USPAS planning, syllabus development
     - Dec 24 - Jan 1: VACATION and Winter SAD holidays
  Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC CD-1 page turns (Jan 6, 8), dry runs (Jan 13-15)
     - EIC Coherent Electron Cooling review attendance (Jan 13-15)
     - EIC Partner project and management planning
     - EIC CDR updates, editing, finalization
     - MGMT Evals, Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee)
     - ADMIN IPAC'21 planning (Wednesdays)
     - OPS Meetings (08:00 daily, 08:30 LERF/isotopes, LERF cleaning/medical)
     - SICK (Jan 14, medical procedure)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23) 
     - Weakly focusing multi-pass linac optics
     - FFA CEBAF Optics  - FODO cell optimization 
     - Setting up GA for linac optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     - PRAB paper review 
     - Dec 24 - Jan 1: Holidays/Vacation 
  Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - Beyond 57 GeV ‘Site Filler’

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     -  Impedance:Attend the weekly EIC impedance/beam dynamics meeting. Attend the biweekly EIC impedance/engineering meeting
     - Coherent Beam-beam and Transverse coupled bunch instability (TCBI) after convergence test done against particle numbers, I 
       focused on the detailed study of Landau damping from beam-beam on TCBI, compare the beam-beam damping rate with the TCBI growth
       rate, and its dependence on eSR working point. Got some interesting results
     - Improve my analysis for current spectra for uneven bunch fill in my technote, now I got perfect agreement of my analysis with the Fourier spectra directly calculated by Frank Marhauser using Mathematica 
     - Dec 24 - Jan 1: Holiday vacations
  Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15) 
     - Continue with my calculations for the interplay of CBB (coherent beam-beam) and TCBI (transverse coupled-bunch instability)
            - Study the growth or damping rate dependence on working point choice and initial dipole offsets. 
            - Write up a brief note
     -	CeC review
            - Going through the CeC presentations
            - Participate in the committee discussions

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - Vacation/Lab shutdown: (Dec 18 - Jan 1)
   Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - Attend Bteam and Cold startup meetings
     - Attend Beam-beam task force meetings
     - Work on ECA application

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     -	"Problem of the Quarter" presentation
     -	AIFOA: PI meetings
     -	RADSMA: collaboration meetings
     -	ARDFML: data exploration, application of unsupervised learning on summer 2020 data labels
     - Attend NeurIPS conference
     - Serve on PERLE injector review committee
     - Attend seminars (CASA, OWLE, etc.)
     - Vacation
     - Lab shutdown  Dec 24 - Jan 1
   Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - Holiday/Lab shutdown (12/4 - 1/1)
  Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - Almost done cleaning up and documenting the IMP data folder. Lots of dusty old stuff to sort through.
     - Minor remarks on the APS synopsis draft.
     - Holiday/lab shutdown (12/24 - 1/1)
  Next (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - Crucial Conversations class, parts 1 and 2. Mostly common sense, but always a good idea to be reminded of the necessity for continuous self-improvement.
     - While I still need to finish cleaning up the data folder, the IMP experiment is OVER. We managed to painfully get rid of the errors introduced by the production team, and
       the article has now been published. It only took little more than a year, counting from the end of the experiment...
     - Reading the EIC CDR. Haven't gotten very far in terms of making meaningful comments.
     - UITF beam optics work coming up!

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - Continued involving the study of electron polarization in the EIC 
     -	Worked on the storage ring cooler project  
     -	Took a few days off 
     -	Miscellaneous: attended the EIC eSR polarization meeting, attended the EIC RCS polarization meeting, attended EIC design team meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting,
       attended the EIC general meeting 
     - Take vacation/holiday/lab shutdown (12/24 - 1/1)
  Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - Worked on studying the effect of dispersion in the spin rotator solenoids on the electron polarization in the ESR 
     - Worked on tech notes about the dual energy storage ring cooler 
     - Miscellaneous: attended the RCS Beam and Polarization Dynamics meeting, attended EIC design team meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended the EIC general meeting 

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - Momentum aperture and Touschek lifetime were calculated in a dual energy ring with two set of energies, low energy ring = 150 MeV and high energy ring = 500, 1000 MeV. The
      calculated lifetime are couple of hours. Touschek lifetime were calculated using elegant simulation and using analytical formula. However, there is some discrepancy of 
      calculated lifetime especially in high energy ring.
     - I was working on tech notes on dual energy storage ring. About 6 tech notes were prepared and edited.
     - Holidays/Lab shutdown (Dec 24 - Jan 1)
     - Happy New Year 2021
   Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - I will complete the tech notes.
     - Submit tech notes.
     - Prepare abstract for IPAC2021.
     - Further

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - Preparing and giving presentation on the spin transparency experiment at the DoE PI exchange meeting
     - Study of the control of the vertical electron beam size at the IP by coupling
     - Bench-marking of polarization lifetime calculations
     - FFA work: optimization of a CEBAF FFA cell
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Preparing and giving a talk on the EIC 2nd IR at the 2nd IR workshop
     - 2nd IR work: optimization of the ion IR2 lattice for low-energy operation
     - EIC ion polarization: first estimate of the ion polarization lifetime due to longitudinal IBS
     - CDR: updates of the ion polarization section and the 2nd IR appendix
     - Optimization of the vertical electron beam size at the IP
     - CEBAF FFA work

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Matrix methods for magnetized ion beam transforms. Concatenating the round to flat beam transform with a matrix satisfying the constraints as listed in SLAC-PUB-4679. Some
       preliminary testing on a sample distribution.
    - Attending the Workshop on the Second IR at the EIC.
    - EIC Design Newsletter team meeting with F. Willeke to discuss the future direction of the newsletter. Topics included the transition from task forces to design teams and
      formalization of the design plan.
    - Preparation for the DOE/SC Review of LBNF/DUNE, to be held January 6-7 and 11-13, 2021. Pre-review meeting to be held 12/21. 
   Next two weeks (Dec 21 - Jan 1)
     - LBNF/DUNE pre-review meeting.
     - Vacation!

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - FFA working group
     -	Bteam meetings and Bteam related coordination of activities
     -	Cold start and ORFP procedural development
     -	Spreader/Recombiner setup procedural development
     -	ER@cebaf /XFEL preparation for meeting
     -	CED import requirement drafting
     -	FSD/Hall controls meetings
     -	Evals
   Next two weeks (Dec 21 - Jan 1)
     - Vacation
     - Lab shutdown

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
   Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
     - HLA
           - Developed and released cs2sdds, a tool for importing machine settings from EPICS or MYA into an elegant deck
           - Continue development of rayTrace analyzer GUI for 
     - Ops
           - Training
                 - Completed SAF210 5-Minute Escape Pack Training
                 - Completed SAF116kd Physics Work Governance
                  -Completed GEN034 Security Awareness
           - Participated in ORFP/Cold Startup/Troubleshooting 
     - Guide discussions
            -Investigate 1S/1E and 2S/2E steering errors
     - Attended OWLE Seminar on Automated LHC Collimator Setup with ML
     - Work through online PyTorch tutorials
     - Attended 0800, BTeam, CASA meetings
     - Thanksgiving Holiday  
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)
     - HLA
          - Rewrote parts of my SDDS_Perl library to speed up loading data for the rayTrace analyzer
          - Continue work on rayTrace analyzer GUI
     - Training
          - Completed GERT training
          - Read and signed 2021 General Access RWP
     - Working through PyTorch book and tutorials
     -AI FOA
          - Attended meetings
          - Presented timeline for Year 1 milestones
     - AIPINJ
          - Tweaking the element layout in the elegant deck and CED
          - Revisit chopper modeling in elegant
     - Drove to JLab to get SmartCard update
     - Attended Cold Startup/ORFP/Troubleshooting Guide meetings
     - Attended AI Lunch Series, Accelerator Seminars, Radiasoft Webinar on photoinjector modeling in Sirepo/OPAL.
     - Attended 0800, BTeam meetings

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)     
     - Friction force output has been finished and tested. 
     - Writing the report on JSPEC development. Not finished.
   Next two weeks (Dec 21 - Jan 1) 
     - Continue the unfinished work. On vacation and holiday most of the time

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Nov 23 - Dec 4)
  Next two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Isotopes – Assisted S&A with the alignment of the beryllium vacuum window, radiator and raft. Started working on a HPGe detector support structure design.
     - ARDDOT - With S&A completing the alignment of the three Arc 7 SLMs I started working on the optical alignment. Most of the first one is complete.
   Next two weeks (Dec 23 - Jan 1)
     - Isotopes – Support next week’s run remotely. Continue to work on the HPGe support structure
     - ARDDOT – Complete the optical alignment of the three SLMs. Start working on diagnostics upgrade to CEBAF (simulations, engineering and designs). 

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 6)
   Next two weeks (Nov 9 - Nov 20)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 18)
     - Presented talk at ERR for 5 kW Isotope run.
     - Submitted Technical note for Low Energy cooling for the EIC
     - Completed AWP for Isotope program and got it approved
     - Helped set up installation of horizontal corrector for Isotope beamline.
     - Looked at JLAMP redesign
   Next two weeks (Dec 21 - Jan 1)
     - Review Physics of Plasma paper
     - Go over CDR appendix looking for potential lethal flaws in the low energy cooler design.

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Dec 7 - Dec 23)
     - EIC: I did a fairly complete edit of Chapter 1 of the EIC CDR to improve the English as this will be the only chapter many readers will look at.  I continued arguing about the meaning of the 10 MW limit in the ESR - is it the synchrotron radiation or is it the total energy lost by the beam, etc.  My concern was driven by the statement that 10 MW synchrotron radiation power was the limit, but all of the Tables showed that the maximum reached was 8.8 MW.  I also pointed out that the ESR cooling water needed careful specification.  I asked Tim Michalski to send the specifications we use in CEBAF.    
     - Isotopes: I continued preparations for the upcoming irradiation.  I did not do much; most of the work was done by Kevin and Steve.       
     - I received a paper from Ivan Konoplev at the Adams Institute to review privately before it is submitted.  This is for an X-band linac, optimized for the small user (8 MeV).  The paper was excellent, I made some suggestions for future work that will not happen.  The Adams Institute is closing down its accelerator physics program in favor of HEP support for the LHC, so Ivan is looking for a job.  The paper was written with an undergraduate student who would like to spend a year in an accelerator lab before going on to a PhD.  Ivan gives her his top recommendation.  Any hope you could find some cash to support her?  
     - Still awaiting info on further funding from the DOE Isotope Program.  
     - Holiday/Lab shutdown/Vacation (12/24 - 1/1)    
   Next two weeks (Jan 4 - Jan 15)
     - EIC: Not much this period.  I guess I am still looking for something to get my teeth into.   
     - Isotopes: A major push for our 5 kW irradiation, primarily led by Kevin and Steve.  Hot checkout was badly handled by Ops/Engineering, and the run was delayed by a day because of hardware problems.  The run cut short after ~24 hours by a vacuum leak caused by a beam strike.  It is still too early to determine where and the extent of the damage.  The window (borrowed from ANL) seems to be intact.  The tungsten radiator is badly pitted on the side that did not have the nitrogen purge, and there is evidence of black debris that we believe is tungsten oxide.  In addition, the radiator cracked, I believe near the end or after the run.  We need to address these issues in the future.  Our next target will be a completely different design.  Our Quarterly Report is due mid-February as our Program manager did not send around a request because he was involved in Reviews.  Hopefully, this is also why we haven’t heard about new funding.    
     - I have started working with Max Klein to map out a roadmap for ERL R&D worldwide, with a focus on preparations for the next European Strategy process (~2026).  I have proposed to use the TRLs for all of the subsystems of an ERL, evaluating where we are today and where we would be after each of the experiments or projects (e.g. the 5-pass CEBAF experiment will push the energy frontier, PERLE would push the current and power frontiers, etc.).  Now this is something I can get my teeth into!  
     - Lila seems to be doing well with her project; I am encouraging her to submit an Abstract to IPAC.  I did suggest that Ivan’s student, Sparshita Dey, would be a good candidate for the IJCLab to hire and send to JLab to work with Frank Marhauser on the PERLE cavity.  IJCLab is considering the idea.  Bob Rimmer was enthusiastic about it.