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January 7, 2021 Report - Dec 7 - Jan 15 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC CD-1 review (Jan 26-29)
     - EIC Partner project and management planning
     - MGMT Evals, Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee, LMBB kickoff)
     - OPS Meetings (08:00 daily, 13:30 Weds weekly)
     - ODU USPAS teaching planning (Jan 19-22), teaching (Jan 25-29)
     - HOLIDAY (Jan 18, MLK Jr Day)
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12) 
     - EIC Meetings (Management, RF, crab, cryo, cooling, impedance, OPC, team, R&D)
     - EIC Independent Cost Review (Feb 2-3), IR2@EIC Meeting (Feb 8)
     - EIC Partner project and management planning
     - MGMT Meetings (Leadership/Dept Heads, CASA coffee)
     - ADMIN IPAC'21 planning (Wednesdays), IPAC'21 committee work
     - ADMIN IPAC'22 OC meeting (Feb 4), IPAC'21 SPC/2 meeting (Feb 10/12)
     - OPS Meetings (08:00 daily, 13:30 Weds weekly, occasional BTeam)
     - ODU USPAS teaching, office hours, prep, student help
     - ODU Graduate student program review meeting (Feb 10)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29) 
     - Switchyard strategies for FFA@CEBAF
     - Setting up GA for linac optics (one-on-one with Isturumali)
     - Muon acceleration writeup for Muon Collider Study Group. 
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Presentation on switchyard for FFA@CEBAF
     - Collaboration with Kevin Andre on PERLE end-to-end tracking
     - PRAB paper review
     - White Paper on future CEBAF - writeup on FFA energy doubling

Ryan Bodenstein

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29) 
     - Prep to move to the US
     -	Arrived in the US on the 26th
     -	Settling in a bit
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - First day on the 1st
     -	NEO for 3 mornings, normal onboarding stuff
     -	Lots of training. Got badge
     -	Will get laptop
     -	More training, and getting into the actual work process

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Prepare slides for my CBB and TCBI presentation
     - Listen to EIC OPA CD1 review and presentations
     - Prepare abstracts for IPAC21 
     -	CeC review committee discussions
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12) 
     - Writing up technote to summarize our CBB and TCBI studies
     -	EIC impedance meeting
     - Extensive discussions about CSR shielding for eSR dipoles in EIC

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Attended EIC beam-beam meetings
     - Attended Bteam and cold startup meetings
     - Worked on DODGE paper
     - Worked on ECA proposal
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Attend Bteam and Cold startup meetings
     - Attend EIC beam-beam meetings
     - Performed measurements at DESIREE on Feb 3
     - Working on ECA proposal
     - Sitting on ERR panel for CPP/NPP E12-13-008 / 008A

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     - Attend AIRES 2 Workshop
     - Isotope simulations for Steve
     - Generate modified ERL landscape for Andrew and Max Klein
     - Learning to use CED
     -	AIFOA: editing budgets, preparing quarterly, project planning, detailing software specifications and requirements
     -	RADSMA: IPAC21 abstract will be submitted for project
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - AI lunch (web, administrative, public affairs, speaker coordination, etc.)
     -	AIFOA: finalize and submit quarterly report
     -	ARDFML: analysis of different datasets to understand why ML models give different performance
     - Attend seminars (OWLE, AI Lunch, etc.
     - Serve on hiring committee for Data Science Department Head
     - Mentoring grad student duties: hosting foreign national training, paperwork, graduate student progress review

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Finished SBIR review
     -	Some work on the JSPEC code to get a decent basis for the Python interface to be useful
     -	This was motivated by He's tech note that is currently being edited
     -	Tried to start working on EIC RF problems, but folks are reluctant to share prior material, particularly simulation code... Will 
       need to pester more
  Next (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Edit the JSPEC tech note
     -	I am planning to redesign and document the JSPEC Python interface. Merge both projects into one, throwing C++ file i/o and run file parsing overboard and making all data 
       transparent through nparrays etc. Slightly restructure the class hierarchy such that it more readily exposes the important interfaces to the user.
     -	UITF optics work. We would like to obtain a model that is consistent with reality and hope to get there with iterative measurements and corrections. Due to lack of harps 
       in the keV beam line, measuring the emittance there may prove to be cumbersome but hopefully not impossible.

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Continued the work on studying the dispersion effect of spin rotator solenoids on the electron polarization in the ESR and reported the preliminary results 
     -	Optimizing the optics of the dual energy storage ring cooler 
     -	Resumed the work on preparing teaching material for the USPAS 2021 summer section 
     -	Miscellaneous: attended the EIC eSR polarization meeting, attended the RCS Beam and Polarization Dynamics meeting, attended EIC design team meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended the EIC general meeting, attended the EIC hadron polarization meeting, attended the EIC Accelerator Design meeting, attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project Status meeting 
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Work on electron polarization in the EIC 
     -	Work on the storage ring cooler project  
     -	Work on the teaching material for USPAS 2021 summer section 

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Completed all 6 tech notes and are ready to submit into JLab online system
     - Two abstracts are prepared and submitted to IPAC2021.
     - I was working to and out the discrepancy in Touschek lifetime especially in high energy ring.
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - I will submit all tech notes into JLab system after the final approval from my supervisors.
     - Further exploration of beam dynamics in a dual energy storage ring.
     - I will be working on to and out the discrepancy in Touschek lifetime in high energy ring.
     - I will be working to understand Higher Order Mode (HOM) impedance measurements in SRF structure that we use in dual energy storage
       ring simulation.

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Preparing and giving a presentation on the EIC polarization design at the CD1 review 
     - 2nd IR design: work on chromatic compensation of the hadron collider ring
     - Study of interplay of crabbing and coupling
     - Review of an SBIR Phase II  proposal
     - Proton polarization: study of polarization lifetime due to IBS
     - Submitted a polarization review paper to the Symmetry journal 
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - 2nd IR work: parameter optimization
     - Study of crabbing with coupling
     - Proton polarization: lifetime calculations
     - Electron polarization: beam spot size optimization

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Preparation and submission of the LBNF/DUNE written report.
     - Working on Early Career Proposal on magnetized ion beam methods.
     - Tour of lab space including current setup of the sample detector in ARC L215, and the Wexx particle counter setup in the TED Vacuum Lab.
     - Discussions with R. Geng and M. Spata on perspectives on the particulate detector project.
     - Biweekly meeting with Omnisensing Photonics on detector prototype progress
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Worked on Early Career Proposal on magnetized ion beam methods. At LEAF at IMP, simulations on decoupling the magnetized ion beam from a 45 GHz ECR ion source using a solenoid/anti-solenoid pair achieved a flat beam with emittance ratio 3:1, and initial RFQ transmission of ~95%. At FRIB, theory and simulation of an envelope model for DC, multi charge state ion beams that are angular momentum-dominated also demonstrated that the solenoid/anti-solenoid pair could easily focus the resultant beams into the aperture required for charge state selection. From these papers, the Early Career proposed method of using the round to flat beam transform + another, to-be-developed transform would likely not be an improvement in terms of real estate required for the total decoupling. Currently reevaluating the proposal and decided not to submit this cycle.
    - Completed Radworker I training.
    - Working on finding space for the particulate counter, as the current space with the detector group is no longer available.
    - Looking through the data from the benchtop tests of the particulate counter to understand the structure and format.
    - Biweekly meeting with Omnisensing Photonics on detector prototype progress.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - We are working on study the image reconstruction of collision beams based on Poisson's solution of equation and trying to solve the retarded potentials based on results obtained in 1995 by R.A. Kruger.
     - We are also working on optimizing CASA Beam-Beam.
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Continue working on CASA Beam-Beam.

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Completed creating 10-pass north linac files with 750 MeV energy gain per pass with different phase advances (900,1200,600)
     -	Compared OptiM and Elegant output for 600 FODO linac with 1.1 GeV gain. 
            - Elegant files were obtained from Dr. Roblin, and there’s a pretty good agreement in both results
            - But inj+NL file had deviations due to weak cavity-end focusing 
     -	Tried to write a conversion script from OptiM to Elegant, but it’s complicated, so decided to convert OptiM to Madx, then convert
       Madx to Elegant format.
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Start writing the GA code.

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks ()
   Next two weeks ()

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)     
     - The binary collision model and the local model for the non-Gaussian IBS finished. Need testing. 
     - Submitted one abstract for IPAC’21 
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12) 
     - Test the binary collision model and the local model. 
     - Add the following feature to TPSA package: derive Lie map from truncated DA map. 

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
  Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Isotopes – Work on 50kW design
     - ARDDOT - The three stands and vacuum chambers for the ARC 7 SLMs have been installed. The next step is to have the chambers aligned by S&A. Working on a 
       new design for the 1A and 2A SLMs to place the camera over the upstream dipole. This approach should allow us to take advantage of the dipole steel as radiation shielding. 
       The design is not entirely straightforward as the there is little room between the dipole and ceiling making the XYZ camera translation difficult.
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Isotopes – Work on the 50kW design
     - ARDDOT – Continue working on diagnostics upgrade to CEBAF (simulations, engineering and designs).  

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - Reviewed  PRL and PRAB pair of papers.
     - Finished writing up review of PCA CeC program at BNL
     - Wrote up and submitted quarterly report for “Innovative High Energy  Electron Cooling for the EIC” project
     - Reviewed Export Control and FOUO compliance with external lawyers
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - Review SBIRs from DOE-NP.
     - Put together the budget for the Isotope quarterly.
     - Present new JLAMP design study
     - Go over CDR appendix looking for potential lethal flaws in the low energy cooler design.
     - Rewrite and submit the LOSP for User Lab 4
     - Set up training for Drive Laser Enclosure LPSS

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Jan 18 - Jan 29)
     - EIC: not much   
     - Isotopes:Our two proposal for continued funding of the Isotope Program were denied - a major blow.        
     - Lila is making progress having enlisted the support of there computing professor at Coe College!  She also submitted an IPAC Abstract.    
     - ERLsI have been helping Max select panel members and we are close to having a complete set.  Alex Bogacz and Frank Marhauser will be on the panel.  Jefferson lab is still looked up to by the worldwide ERL community.  I should thank Chris Tennant for updating his ERL Plots for the panel.     
   Next two weeks (Feb 1 - Feb 12)
     - EIC:again, not much.  I need to find a topic I can get my teeth into.  That may have to wait until the JLab deliverables are defined    
     - Isotopes:We continue to study the foil samples that were irradiated (led by Adam Stavola), and there are still discrepancies that we do not fully understand.  Our two NMT students, Geno and Robert, have received the data and are setting up a different software package to cross-compare.  In a phone call with our funding manager, Ethan Balkin, I learned that there will be two FOAs coming out this summer; I assume one for labs and a companion one for Universities.  This breaks the pattern of an FOA every two years, and thinking back on the Ethan’s careful wording, I think he has not awarded as many proposals as usual to provide funding for the intermediate year.  If so, we were only half-punished!  The Reviews were helpful and we will work on strengthening the proposal.  I have made a request to VCU to have their hot-cell transferred to us - I give it about a 25% probability, but I felt I should ask.  Drew offered us use of a lead-shielded room on the third floor of the ARC which is currently being used by Dillon, but will be vacated as part of the ARC refurbishment.  That would still leave us with a chemical separation problem, but one thing at a time.      
     - ERLS:I have spent quite a lot of time developing spreadsheets showing the various aspects of an ERL and the projects that currently hold the record, the approved projects and which aspects they will push the limits, and the proposed project (PERLE) and what it would achieve.  In parallel, I am collecting up what LHeC would need to compare with the various records to identify gaps.  Of interest, the JLab FEL still holds the beam power record, CEBAF 1-turn has the energy record, and CEBAF 5-turn will have both the energy record and the number of turns record.  It may also have the record for highest current in a multi-turn ERL for a while.  Not bad for a lab that has turned its back on ERLs!    
     - VNECA: