2/26/21 - Bi-weekly meeting

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To-Do list from 2/12/21
  • Joe - distance flange to beam center CEBAF vs UITF
    • Done
  • Joe - copper ladder drawings if available, cooling spec, what would have to change to get it installed in CEBAF or UITF
    • Done
  • Marcy - select gold targets
  • Jim - poly diamond sandwich design sketches (how mount to single crystal, metal)
  • Joe/Marcy - get existing tunnel camera framed with central beam pixel on old ladder and not moved before June install
    • Yes, we would do this later
  • Riad/Marcy - any tech note on thickness, statistics, target and beam scans?
  • Riad - send Euclid the tech notes on asymmetry as function of data rate?
  • Joe - check if all gold, diamond, and phosphor can be round (no square ladder mounts needed)
    • Yes, any target in holder with 2 holes to rectangular ladder (or make new ladder)
  • Andrei/Dave - could send Euclid the Hall A diamond data, also work w/Andrei on thermal after Euclid provides the ladder design (can do limiting case of all-radiative early)
  • Biweekly with core (Eric, Andrei, Joe) and add others as needed, 30 minutes at 3pm Fri Eastern time
    • Yes, 2/26