200 kV Gun - Jan 26, 2022

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At today's meeting we heard about the following:

Tally of ME jobs

  1. ground screen - open wire mesh w/ frame + connectors to tabs
  2. anode design - flat & tilted grounded tube + slots for increased conductance
  3. model field - symmetric model fields for electrostatic solution
  4. assembly dwg - complete set of drawings and parts
  5. layouts - CEBAF integrated with Phase 1 beam line + UITF modifications to test temporarily


  • Ceramic welded to vacuum fired flange ready, verify if leak checked
  • Weld spare ceramic to vacuum fired flange, leak check
  • Cathode ball and Pierce electrode ready, polished
  • Cathode "butt" in hand, needs to be polished
  • Cathode puck holder parts mainly in hand, need sapphire roller hardware (instead of welding wire)
  • Carlos will tally plan for polishing, cleaning, fit-up, assembly, and fiducials