200 kV Gun - Jan 26, 2022

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At today's meeting we heard about the following:

Tally of ME jobs

  1. ground screen - open wire mesh w/ frame + connectors to tabs
  2. anode design - flat & tilted grounded tube + slots for increased conductance
  3. model field - symmetric model fields for electrostatic solution
  4. assembly dwg - complete set of drawings and parts
  5. layouts - CEBAF integrated with Phase 1 beam line + UITF modifications to test temporarily


  1. Ceramic welded to vacuum fired flange ready, verify if leak checked
  2. Weld spare ceramic to vacuum fired flange, leak check
  3. Cathode ball and Pierce electrode ready, polished
  4. Cathode "butt" in hand, needs to be polished
  5. Cathode puck holder parts mainly in hand, need sapphire roller hardware (instead of welding wire)
  6. Carlos will tally plan for polishing, cleaning, fit-up, assembly, and fiducials


  1. Anode - proud + maintain 6cm gap
  2. Support tube - grounded + flat & tilted + Gabriel will try electrostatic model with slots Marcy recommends for conductance
  3. Spider - use existing

Vacuum Chamber

  1. Fiducials welded
  2. Marcy blow off new NEGs, install w/o ground screen, add NEG wiring, gauge, blank and bake