2020 Steel Shield Experiments at GTS

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Info on proposed steel shield experiments using the T-Gun at GTS

Previous Parameters

  1. Gun Voltage: 100 kV
  2. Gun Solenoid Current: 150 A. Experiments varied the current between 30 A and 150 A
  3. Anode Voltage: 1 kV (961 V). Experiments varied the anode bias voltage between 388 V and 961 V
  4. Beam Current: 100-500 uA
  5. Gun Vacuum Levels: Usually > 1e-9 A ion pump current at the gun

Proposed Parameters

  1. Gun Voltage: 90 kV (should be fine for experiment purposes)
  2. Gun Solenoid Current: 150 A
  3. Anode Voltage: 1 kV
  4. Beam Current: 500 uA or higher (to ensure sufficient measured intensity from recombining ions)
  5. Gun Vacuum Levels: Higher pressure -> higher ion production rate -> higher number of recombining ions.

Experimental Procedure

Predicted Results

Relevant Calculations/Tech Notes/Useful Links

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