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  • Tried to create ghost beam at GTS using anode separately biased and connected to picoammeter in order to characterize trapped ions between the anode and gun solenoid.. Unable to produce ghost beam due to insufficient anode bias.
  • Spool leak checked...no leaks

In Progress

  • Need to create a better experiment to characterize the ions between the anode and gun solenoid.
  • Working on FEMM model of GS, solenoid lenses, and steel plates
  • Adding to Ghost Beam Studies page.
  • Understanding Bas' ionization routine
  • Getting a real electron beam size profile for GTS (using Sajini's GPT model)
  • Reading about field emission from damaged photocathode...might provide the missing theory and explanation of why the ghost beam is long lasting and why the anode has anything to do with the ghost beam.

Future Work

  • Working with Cristian and Ricardo to create a simulation model of ion production at the CEBAF injector.

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