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  • Created ghost beam with new anode bias. Went through series of tests to measure ions...instead discovered that the ghost beam has a delayed return around the threshold GS current (below 40A). Once the data is analyzed, it will be uploaded to Ghost Beam Studies.
  • Created FEMM model of GS, solenoid lenses, and steel plate.
  • Have steel plate to design.

In Progress

  • Adding to Ghost Beam Studies page.
  • Understanding Bas' ionization routine...if he ever gets back to me.
  • Reading about field emission from damaged photocathode...might provide the missing theory and explanation of why the ghost beam is long lasting and why the anode has anything to do with the ghost beam.
  • Designing steel plate that will cover the perpendicular viewport on the spool. The steel will create an artificial magnetic mirror trap by sucking in the GS field. The aperture needs to be widened to fit over the beamline and a part of the endplates needs to be cut out to make room for the angled viewport.

Future Work

  • Working with Cristian and Ricardo to create a simulation model of ion production at the CEBAF injector...unsure when I'll be able to return to this.
  • Using Bas' ionization routine to model CEBAF injector
  • Taking thesis measurements at CEBAF with a biased anode.
  • Using the T-gun for ghost beam and ion trapping (or more likely lack thereof) measurements

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