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  • Created CST Field maps of CEBAF cathode and anode for GPT
  • Created series of GPT Simulations of first 2 meters of injector (through first solenoid)

In Progress

  • Writing Abstract for PSTP 2019 workshop in Knoxville, TN.
  • Finalizing secondary electron routine and adding a recombination routine to Bas' ionization code to model ion back-bombardment at CEBAF.

Future Work

  • Construction of Steel Shield (to happen over next few
  • Updating Ghost Beam Studies page.
  • Ghost Beam Studies to return once the T-Gun measurements are finished and the P-Gun has returned...i.e. in ten years -_-
  • Using the T-gun for ghost beam and ion trapping (or more likely lack thereof) measurements
  • Testing field emission theory...might provide the missing theory and explanation of why the ghost beam is long lasting and why the anode has anything to do with the ghost beam.

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