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  • Have basic GPT simulation of GTS electron beam from Sajini
  • Have basic GPT simulation of electrons, ions, and neutral particles going through a series of quadrupoles. The particles are color-coded by charge so that we can distinguish between them.
  • Read Alex Chao's lecture notes on Fast Ion instability. Now have a basic understanding of ion dynamics in the electron beam (answers question #2: where do ions go once produced)
  • Now able to access my JLab windows computer w/GPT remotely. How about that?!?

In Progress

  • Adding to Sajini's GPT model to include ion production with the goal of simulating the ion trap between the biased anode and the first focusing solenoid. This will help to answer all three questions: ion production, ion dynamics, and distr. of ions at the PC.
  • Constructing procedure and making preliminary calculations for BPM measurements of the electron beam in order to measure the characteristic frequencies of ions in the electron beam. The oscillation frequency of an ion determines its identity since the frequency is proportional to its mass.

Future Work

  • Look into Ramsey interferometry - deals with two successive ion traps. May be able to observe Ramsey fringes, which could be an interesting measurement that could tell us something about the ions...I wish I understood this even at a basic level.

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