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Survey and Alignment Group
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A1 & A2 aperture alignment and spacer values (Jan 05, 2021)
A1 (2,3,4 mm) & stepper controls media:210105_report_A1.xlsx
A2 (4,6,8 mm) media:210105_report_A2.xlsx
Vertical and Horizontal Wien filters surveys (Jan 01, 2021)
V-Wien first trial not very good Media:V-Wien S&A electrodes only prior to use of teflon block spacers.xlsx
V-Wien optimized assembly procedure using teflon spacers to set electrode gap Media:V-Wein S&A Ni plates + magnet 01-08-2021.xlsx
H-Wien first trial assembled horizontally not very good Media:H-Wien S&A 020921.xlsx
H-Wien second trial much better assembled vertically then rotated horizontally Media:H-Wien S&A 02-12-2021.xlsx
Pre-SAD as-found of Gun chamber, table, 2I pedestal and Y-chamber (Sep 23, 2020)