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  • Ask Joe is the anode tube needs to be biased, or if it can be at ground potential
  • Discuss with Marcy and ME new anode tube design with significantly more open area for improved pumping. This new design will have to be checked in GPT beam dynamics simualtions. Make drawing, fabricate, UHV clean
  • Work with Phil and Danny on comparing anode drawing with support frame (spider) and the rest of the anode assembly parts.
  • Evaluate amount of anode shift allowed by the existing design/assembly
  • Perform CST, GPT simulations for guidance on anode shift to compensate beam kick at 200 keV. Based on those, determine if anode assembly/design has sufficient slop
  • Once SS&A fiducial the HV chamber, check if the anode needs to be shifted to compensate for any top flange (cathode) misalignment
  • The anode has some scratches, it needs re-polishing
  • ceramic washers are broken, need more washers but depends if tube needs to be biased or not
  • Dry fit anode components with new tube and ensure the anode and check anode can be shifted per GPT simulations guidelines
  • UHV clean all components
  • Final assembly prior to installation in HV chamber