Apr 10, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Emails/attachments sent during the previous week

  • None

Post-meeting notes

  • Josh presented a test of the spacecharge3D routine in GPT - an ion 0.25m away from the z-axis is attracted to electrons with a given current moving along the positive z-axis. Analytical calculations of where the ion crosses the z-axis was compared with the simulation. They agree...to some extent. Josh will redo this simulation/calculation, but will have the ion go through multiple oscillations. Will derive the correct equations of motion to predict where the ion will cross the z-axis (i.e. probably using the Lagrangian).
  • Joe will create a text file using Elegant (see meeting page)
  • Marcy presented graphs of outgassing - i.e. where do ions/gas go once formed? Do they go to ion pumps?
  • Cristhian presented simulatiosn using CO2 including 1:1 secondary electron yield (SEY) assuming CO2 has the same cross section as H2. References on SEY are in the references in Cristhian's paper.
  • Need to recap/make a list of all conclusions made so far for the paper.

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