Apr 3, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Emails/attachments sent during the previous week

  • None

Post-meeting notes

  • Josh presented GPT simulations showing 2 "DC" pulses ionizing H2 gas and showed results & analysis techniques (histograms, distributions of electrons/ions hitting beam pipe, etc.)
  • Josh will...
    • Compare beam potential vs. theory to benchmark SC routine
    • Reduce bunch charge & pulse length to match Joe's simulation parameters (from ppt presentation)
    • Try importing line charge to simulate beam potential
    • Check random number generator in GPT - histograms of electron/ion energies aren't as expected.
    • Add endcaps to Rmax routine
    • See if GPT has an ~easy way to simulate Earth's B-Field in the simulations
  • Cristhian showed a graph of beam size (x/y RMS vs. z) for different (first) solenoid B-field scale factors. Also showed a plot of the longitudinal E-Field vs z (from just the e-beam) both with and without the solenoid on. Might not need to worry about ions after z=0.76m.
  • Solenoid settings during LifeSize runs are on the LifeSize spreadsheet under "Signal_Stats"

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