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Critical path action items

  1. Let's make two version of anode tube:
    • One version will be permanently at ground (no Macor spacer, longer tube to make up spacer length 0.25 inches)
    • The second version will be electrically isolated as originally planned with Macor spacer and ceramic bushings
  2. The anode DS flange design will be based on the flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101, see below), but with two feedthrough ports.
    • Marcy, Joe mentioned installing this flange in the injector was a challenge: the ports gets in the way for assembly? How would having two ports affect this? Is there a better way to place them? See pictures below.
  3. Verify HV chamber dimensions
    • Shaun: is this needed for defining anode tube length?
    • Do you have HV chamber prints from Lesker?
    • Do you need S&A to measure HV chamber?
  4. Vacuum,
    • Marcy, what are your conclusions on the HV chamber vacuum?
    • Do you have all the measurements for Shaun to start the NEG drawings?
  5. Layout for CEBAF installation
    • The plan is to focus on layout for installing in CEBAF using DS anode flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101, see below). It is critical to define this flange by the end of April so that it can be fabricated, and vacuum degassed.