April 13, 2022 - HV chamber layout for installation in CEBAF

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Critical path action items

  1. Let's make two version of anode tube:
    • One version will be permanently at ground
    • The second version will be electrically isolated
  2. The anode DS flange design will be based on the flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101, see below), but with two feedthrough ports.
    • Marcy, Joe mentioned installing this flange in the injector was a challenge: the ports gets in the way for assembly? How would having two ports affect this? Is there a better way to place them? See pictures below.
  3. Verify HV chamber dimensions
    • Shaun: is this needed for defining anode tube length?
    • Do you have HV chamber prints from Lekser?
    • Do you need S&A to measure HV chamber?
  4. Marcy, what are your conclusions on the HV chamber vacuum?
  5. Layout for CEBAF installation
    • The plan is to focus on layout for installing in CEBAF using DS anode flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101, see below). It is critical to define this flange by the end of April so that it can be fabricated, and vacuum degassed.
    • Anode flange prints and pictures