April 21, 2022 - HV chamber layout for installation in CEBAF

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Critical path action items

  1. Anode flange designed based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • Need to order:
      • 2 two zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges
      • 4 weldable 1-1/3" non-rotatable tapped flanges, or already welded to tube. Shaun?
      • 4 10 kV SHV feedthroughs. (Marcy, do we have these?, how many?)
      • Ceramic beads
      • Carlos to look for alternative to Cu wire with lower coefficient of expansion

Screen Design

Marcy dimension requests media:screens18gun.pptx

Useful documents


TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite