April 21, 2022 - HV chamber layout for installation in CEBAF

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Critical path action items

  1. Anode flange designed based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • Need to order:
      • 2 two zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges
      • 4 weldable 1-1/3" non-rotatable tapped flanges, or already welded to tube. Shaun?
      • 4 10 kV SHV feedthroughs. (Marcy, do we have these?, how many?)
      • Ceramic beads
      • Carlos to look for alternative to Cu wire with lower coefficient of expansion
  2. Screen Design
  3. Define layout for installation in CEBAF injector

Useful documents


TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite