April 26, 2022 - Group meeting

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Group updates
  • Meeting every 2 weeks
  • Cookout with SRF next Thu. May 5 (Phil Denny will organize w/ us)
  • Property validation - who's not done?
  • Group clean-up, storage, excess ... coming this summer
  • NA-PAC, who wants to go? send me your abstract
  • Remote work policy
    • this week - permissible work location type
    • next week - begins period to submit a Remote Work Agreement form
    • May - training for working remotely
    • June 1 - forms signed and in effect
  • SAD Jobs (Mott ladder, restore lasers/systems, bleed through beam studies, heat/activate, ?)
  • Wrap up the injector upgrade in ~1 year (200 KV gun, Phase 2 beamline)
  • Future experiments (Moller photocathodes/RTP cell/4-channel IA and KL Laser ~0.4pC@~10 MHz)
Max's TN template idea