April 26, 2022 - updates

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  1. Anode flange designed based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • Bubba is placing the order for:
    • one zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges, 304 SSS in stock, and two 316 L SS (~3 month delivery). We have one flange in the GTS that looks it has a been baked many times.
    • 6 weldable 1-1/3" non-rotatable tapped flanges, in 316 L SS, stock item.
    • Marcy has 3 of the 10 kV SHV feedthroughs.
    • Ceramic beads are on hand
    • Shaun submitted anode part fab request to shop (Vine says it will take ~2 weeks to complete)
    • Carlos to look for alternative to Cu wire with lower coefficient of expansion
  2. Screen Design
    • Shaun is finalizing screen design
    • Bubba ordered more weaved wire mesh that Marcy prefers: 0.88 mm wire diameter, 0.5 inch square opening
    • Bubba cut sample pieces of both thin and thick wire mesh. It looks like either will work fine, but we will make mockups with each type of mesh as soon was Shaun finalizes design
  3. Define layout for installation in CEBAF injector
    • The plan is to focus on layout for installing in CEBAF using DS anode flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101).
    • It is critical to define this flange by the end of April so that it can be fabricated, and vacuum degassed.
    • Carlos measured the CEBAF and UITF 14" HV chambers lengths, flange to flange: both measured 18.9". Drawing shows 18.88". The 18" HV chamber measured 19.6" flange to flange, Lesker drawing shows 19.66" (media:LeskerPrint.pdf). Shaun to verify with S&A numbers and his model, but that means the 18" HV chamber is longer than the 14" HV chamber by 0.78".
    • Media:14" HV chamber CEBAF injector vacuum piping dimensions.pptx

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TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite