April 7, 2016 - Mott Group Meeting

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We will meet Thursday, April 7 at 4pm EST in TL-2236. The connection was poor last time. For this meeting can we all trying calling in using the Toll Free Phone number. The meeting sides will still be available by desktop sharing.

Summary and Action Items

  • Tasks
    • (Joe) - finalize polarimeter geometry and detector acceptance.
    • (Joe, Riad) finalize dipole map and compute beam momentum for Runs I/II
    • (Xavi) Calculate the final tables of S(E,q,DE,Dq) needed for the simulation and analysis results.
    • (Marty) Document Geant4 Mott package, cross-train, implement Xavi's tables for final simulation, provide tech-support
    • (Tim, Marcy, Dan) Complete experimental asymmetry vs. target thickness for Runs I/II; summarize S_effective vs. thickness for Run I/II
  • Writing Assignments
    • (Xavi) theory - TN on wiki
    • (Marty) Geant4 simulation - draft TN on wiki, final by April 19
    • (Matt) CEBAF injector due April 22
    • (Tim, Marty, Daniel) TN on Run I/II target thickness
    • (Joe) Beam measurements due May 6
    • (Riad) DAQ and PQB due May 7


  • (Dan) Experimental data Seff v. KE
  • (Charlie) - Paper status

S_eff vs KE

  File:SvsE.pdf Theory 1000 350.jpeg 
  Theory 1000.jpeg Theory 350.jpeg

Blue Jeans and Wiki

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers: http://bluejeans.com/numbers
Meeting ID: 111178649#
Web connection for desktop sharing: https://bluejeans.com/111178649
Wiki: https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/April_7,_2016_-_Mott_Group_Meeting