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Journal Articles

  • J. Kessler , "Electron Spin Polarization by Low-Energy Scattering from Unpolarized Targets", Rev. of Mod. Phys. Vol. 41, No. 1 (January 1968) Media:RevModPhys.41.3.pdf

JLAB Notes


  • B. Gitter, "Optical Transition Radiation" CAA-Tech-note-internal-#24 (1992) Media:gitter_1992_603.pdf
  • T. da Silva, "Beam monitoring using Optical Transition Radiation" (June 2010) Media:OTR_daSilva.pdf
  • M. Ross et al. `A Very High Resolution Optical Transition Radiation Beam Profile Monitor", SLAC-PUB-9280 (July 2002) Media:SLAC-PUB-9280.pdf
  • P. Piot et al. "High Current CW Beam Profile Monitors Using Transition Radiation at CEBAF" JLAB-TN-96-022_2 (1996) Media:JLAB-TN-96-022_2.pdf
  • J-C. Denard & P. Piot, "OTR screens: What beam current can they stand?" JLAB-TN-95-065 (1995) Media:JLAB-TN-95-065.pdf