Aug 16, 2022 - Group meeting

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  • FY22 PR deadline is Friday
  • We'll meet next Tuesday at noon for lunch, Aziz will present
  • Phase I SBIR

Next couple months

  • Repair 250/500 seed board, improve board swapping, build one spare chassis
  • By ready for Kicker and Compton experiments by October
  • Complete 200 kV HV chamber build at LERF, be ready to install UITF by November
  • Build and demo a YAG/HARP cross for CEBAF
  • Load bulk sample to miniMott, demonstrate polarimeter functioning with any light source
  • Develop plan for next TE011 run at GTS, w/ realistic and assigned jobs and schedule
  • Papers (magnetized beam, PV paper review, biased anode draft)
  • Second round of Mott measurements at UITF (forward detector, solenoid offset, remote HV PS/IHWP)
  • Student projects, how are each of them going?
  • PSS kicker test at UITF by end of year, depends on SSG


  • Joe - I'll be attending PSTP 9/25-9/30 (e+ program at Jlab) and then ERL 10/2-10/5 (e- polarized high current)
  • Phil
  • Gabriel
  • Max
  • Mamun
  • Shukui
  • Carlos
  • Riad