Aug 2, 2022 - Group meeting

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Aug 2

  • Tristan is now our admin and Evelyn for student issues
  • Send me your purchasing wish lists ARDSRC/RSRSRC, 8/19 PO deadline
  • NA-PAC status NA-PAC, remember charge ACCTVL hours during your trip
  • (4) seed laser boards fabricated, requires 1560 nm seeds, install repaired A seed, build full spare chassis
  • Submit PR for fiber/monochromater
Papers and reports
  • Valeria's - summer study report
  • Matt's PV paper - graphics from Joe Wien, Riad PV
  • Sajini's and Mamun's and Riad's magnetized beams - out for peer review
  • Josh's and Joe's biased anode - author review