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Weekly group meetings Wednesdays at 10 am in TL-1227.
; Meeting Info
Bluejeans available if we need it:  https://bluejeans.com/7572697097
* Weekly group meetings Wednesdays at 10 am in TL-1227.
* Bluejeans available if we need it:  https://bluejeans.com/7572697097
;General Info
;General Info

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Meeting Info
General Info
  • JSA Initiatives program deadline Aug 27 http://www.jsallc.org/CP22.html
  • Andrei is looking at offering 1st year memberships/renewals to APS, IEEE, Welding Society, maybe a free lunch at cafeteria
  • Camille reports progress on a) wellness room and b) larger turnstile at gate
  • Still tartgeting Aug 23
  • On-call, Shukui laser training?
  • Gun lifetime looks okay, on-call put something in POLOG, Joe lifetime plot training?
  • Hall A is testing polarimeter DAQ, asks for helicity board, Riad helicity board training?
  • Diamond Mott beam test #1, how do we analyze data, Riad or Marcy analysis training?
  • Unresolved - HV readback correlated with power meter in/out - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3886655
  • UITF schedule meeting just after 1:30 today...Shukui, Carlos, Max, Marcy, Phil
  • Carlos' HV test summary
  • Table of settings 200 kV vs. 180 kV; Scott, Max
  • Status?
  • Is software a Must or Should for HV control?
Upcoming meetings
  • International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Sep 13--17, 2021
  • Mini-Symposium Advancements and Opportunities of Polarized Targets and Beams APS DNP Meeting, Boston Oct 11-14, 2021
  • IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, Vancouver, BC, Canada October 17-20, 2021
    • Carlos, maybe Gabriel
  • 24th International Symposium on Spin Physics (SPIN2021) October 18-22, 2021, Matsue, Japan
    • Riad
  • AVS Symposium, Charlotte NC, October 24-29 (Marcy)
  • Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors, SLAC, November 10-12, 2021 (Marcy, Carlos, Riad, Mamun)
Paper writing updates...
  • Riad, Vasily, Slava - Spin transparent rings for EDM, BSM physics (submitted PRL 7/20)
  • Shukui - Green fiber laser
  • Josh, Joe- Biased anode study
  • Sajini, Riad - GTS magnetized beam paper
  • Sajini, Carlos - GTS gun re-design paper