August 12, 2016 - Mott Group Meeting

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Our next meeting is Friday, August 12 at 4 PM EDT in TL-2236


1. Daniel -- Current Mott Analysis code and possible alternate methods media:Mott_Moser_081216.pdf

-- Tof Timing Resolution: media:160812_TimingUncertainty.docx
-- Marty's July 1st 2015 Geant4 Presentation media:Mott_Geant4_Presentation.pdf

2. Riad -- Magnetic Field Offset and Mott Energy Measurement: media:Offset_Field_Summary.pdf media:Offset_Field_Summary.pptx

-- Previous Summary (July 6, 2016): media:Dipole_Field_Summary.pdf media:Dipole_Field_Summary.pptx

3. Tim -- Final fits: what we have and what we need media:TJG_12_August_2016_Presentation.pdf

To Do List

  1. Marcy, Tim, Daniel, ...
  2. Riad and Daniel, Run II rates

Important Dates

  • Sep 25-29 SPIN 2016

Blue Jeans and Wiki

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Meeting ID: 948749842#
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