August 15, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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Danny/Carlos, status of Wien parts, springs for rebuild
Schedule to setup Wien for testing media:190815_UITFaugust2019.PNG
Spring guide in machine shop, awaiting final machining on the part that meet with the feedthrough. Gabriel running model to make sure all is ok. Media:option august 12.pdf
Jay/Reza, do you have results, or want to say, what the new dipole will look like?
Jay's TN on 3" ID new "DS" for 200KEV w/ improved optics media:190815_psi_rotated_15deg.pdf
Jay's markup of the original DS fixture media:190815_newDS_markup.pdf
Do we have a coil drawing, Jay says he doesn't believe so?
200KEV coil packages - should they fit, can they fit?
200kV Wien filter - V1 - First iteration to modify CEBAF Wien filter for 200kV operation, fabricated per Jay's proposal, and installed at UITF 2017
Alicia, do you have some feedback on moving the buncher?
Marcy/Phil, can you make a tally/description of all the viewers we have at the injector, e.g. for each one (size, material, wires, holes, good/replace) ?

We have this from a viewer walk in elog

2I02: chromox, hole
1I02: chromox, hole
1I03: chromox, wires
1I04: chromox, wires
1I07: chromox, wires
0I01: Yag, broken
0I02: chromox, wires
0I04: chopper, larger chromox, wires
0I05: chromox, wires
0I06: chromox, wires

The most recent viewer walk I can find for downstream of this is:

0I06A: chromox, can't see wires, but probably there
0L01: chromox, wires
0L02: chromox, wires
0L03: chromox, can't see wires, but probably there

Is this the information we need regarding viewers? We can reuse any except the broken YAG, we can reconfigure for 45degree insertion if there is space and hardware, etc.