August 28, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Post-meeting notes

  • Cristhian & Ricardo - went over beam size vs ion damage distribution at the photocathode.
  • Josh - showed GPT simulations of 6mm beam through anode with and without divergence - beams with initial kinetic energies of at least 1 keV with divergence do not fully make it through the anode aperture. If there is no initial divergence, all energies make it through the anode.
  • Josh - showed Binary Encounter Dipole Model derivation and the SEDCS for CO, CH3, and CH4 - all of which will be added to the GPT ionization routine.
  • Cristhian, Ricardo, and Josh: Will create simulations using initial distribution from IBSimu/Travel, looking at screen data at z=0.1 with space charge OFF.

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