August 29, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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synopsis of the Wien filter TS'ing, the baffling spring situation, path forward seems encouraging, eh?
choosing the buncher location....status and path forward to resolve media:UpgradeInjectorGPTOptimizations_Buncher_2019_08_29.pptx
FY20 planning, ME jobs

1. jay's solenoid - i presume i would help look over the quotes and see if i had any comments.

2. puck loading chamber - phil will be scrounging around for 80/20 parts to make a table approximately the same size as the existing table. the vacuum chamber was due to be shipped last friday, we'll see. everything else is on hand. so i'm finished with this.

3. GTS steel shielding - drawings into shop, doesn't look like it's signed off yet. fasteners ordered. i'll take joshua over to the shop when the job is started. so i'm finished with this.

4. wien filter - spring holder finished. i'll order some more springs after we pull the existing spring out and i verify it. so i think i'm finished with this. unless you have in mind some other things you want me to do for the 200kv wien filter.

5. tunnel beamline - i don't know what else i could do on this unless someone lets me know what other changes we need to make, or if the configuration is set enough to look at girder design. i still need to see how the survery and alignment as-found measurements relate to the layout.

6. HV test stand with giant FEL insulator - i could start looking at this again if the time seems right.