August 8, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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Thursday's forecast is for sunshine and cooler weather. Let's plan to meet and focus on ME topics...

  1. status of Wien vacuum parts and HV parts to test Wien filter, is a table ready, is the spool ready, etc. etc. etc. etc
  2. status of it leak free, how did the bake go? NEGs ordered good, do you want a new ion pump...where's the req for the NEG materials and beefy PS
  3. status of Load from machine shop look OK? order those strap nuts yet? wait too long and it will get too busy.
  4. phil says there's 5 of the strip-line bpm's...where, if anywhere, do we want them?
  5. solenoid req was submitted....3-4 week waiting game begins
  6. Friday morning, we focus more attention on installing the Booster...
  7. what else?
  8. what else?