August 9, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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Pre-work for this meeting
  • Jonathan/Joe - When is the earliest we can attach and cool down the Booster for operation? Do you want the Booster attached even sooner so not to disrupt your cryo circuit/loads? Is it easiest to remove the QCM when the Booster arrives or can that happen sooner?
  • Rick/Curt/Dave - Tell us the scope of work to power and control the Booster at CEBAF? What at CEBAF stays and is re-purposed? What moves from UITF and is re-purposed? What new things must be bought, fabricated, etc. What is the size of the software job for Pam's group? How much time and what conditions do you need to install, modify, control the ~new system.
  • Frank/Mike/John/Tony - The Booster was recently installed at UITF. Is the installation and SRF commissioning the same plan at CEBAF? Are there other new components? Presumably a long list of sensors, gauges, interlocks, controls. Can you tally up the scope and suggest how long it takes from installation to first operation, so we can count backwards.
  • Anthony/Neil - I know we balk at the idea of disassembling the laser room, but that's an option. Can you make a projection and estimate the level of effort and timeline to move through the West Arc or Injector Service Bldg? Bare in mind the West Arc may have greater time flexibility to spread out the tasks and QCM removal, whereas we may benefit to keep the laser room intact for a longer portion of the down.
ME related info from Danny Machie
  1. you can see the differences in the configuration of the two in the layout joe sent.
  2. you can see the particulars of the QCM and the Booster by the drawing jim just sent out and the interface drawing i sent neil earlier today.
  3. the feet (base) interface is the same.
  4. the cryo interfaces are the same.
  5. the upstream valve flange interface of the Booster (where the beamline flange connects) is .94" further downstream.
  6. the downstream valve flange interface of the Booster is .94" further downstream (since both modules are the same length).
  7. the waveguide routing from the ceiling is different and shifted upstream.
  8. i'm not sure who the installation coordinator will be.
Info related to cryo dependencies
  1. The Booster is the new name for the QCM. I'll explain why on Friday.
  2. It is installed at the UITF today, you can see, touch it, have drawings of it.
  3. It is designed as a 1:1 cryogenic replacement for the QCM, the ME drawings show as much, but yes you'll be able to verify.
  4. The Booster installation is driven by cryogenic availability; the schedule we develop should have it there when it can receive cryogens, but not unnecessarily too much sooner (unless you say so).
  5. Based on the grapevine, I've heard the Booster might received cryogens by Dec 1 2020.
  6. Other groups will estimate how much time is needed to be ready in advance of cryogens, and working backwards that's the latest the transition must start happening
  7. Unless you say it shouldn't, the QCM may be removed from CEBAF earlier than the Booster arriving. Maybe it's easier to "swap" all at once, I suspect not.
  8. Once installed, we want to run it, a lot. SRF commissioning, beam commissioning.