Beam Setup and Measurement - May 2018

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Energy Setup and Measurement

Emittance Measurement

Setup beam to FC2
Use qsUtility configuration files to scan MQJ0L02 and/or MQJ0L02A and uses harp IHA0L03
Be sure to enter the correct momentum in the configuration and/or analysis files
Elegant optics lattice begins at MQJ0L02 (that is, use or propagate optics to that location)

Energy Spread Measurement

Setup beam to 2D spectrometer dump
Upstream quads MQJ0L02 and MQJ0L02A can be any value but must be recorded
Use HarpFitterTool to scan IHA2D00 to measure horizontal beam size
Use Elegant to calculate the horizontal beta (betax) and the horizontal dispersion (etax) at the harp location
Update lattice file /usr/opsdata/bubble/elegant/May2018/lattice.lte
K1 values for MQJ0L02/MQJ0L02A
Update energy spread elegant file
Go here /usr/opsdata/bubble/elegant/May2018/energy_spread
Edit energyspread.ele
Update p_central_mev
Update beta_x and beta_y with qsUtility values at MQJ0L02
Update emit_nx and emit_ny with qsUtility values at MQJ0L02
Run elegant
Go here /usr/opsdata/bubble/elegant/May2018/energy_spread

Optics Setup

Chris Tennant's Elegant Model from September 2015 installed for reference:
Elegant Model files updated for May 2018:
Lattice file definition of beam lines and defaults: