Beamline Layout Version 1

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This version documents the as-is design work for 2014 of caves 1 and 2 (Dec. 19, 2014)

Elegant Source

lattice file media:hd.lte.txt
elegant input for 350keV gun through two 3.5MeV SRF cavities uses beam line = anne media:kev_elegant_deck.txt
elegant input for 7.2 MeV using measured CEBAF Twiss through HD Ice beam dump used beam line = george media:mev_elegant_deck.txt
Noteworthy points
  1. Improve naming convention
  2. Add real beam pipe hardware dimensions

Cave 1

generate cave1 output in kev.* w/ "elegant kev.ele"
cave1 floor coordinates media:kev.floor.txt
Noteworthy points
  1. Twiss is after a 130keV gun, so redo using 350keV POISSON output w/ Astra or Parmela or measured
  2. Wien filter is 130keV matrix, check that appropriate and length for 350keV
  3. Choppers are per analytical calculation
  4. Buncher is idealized
  5. SRF cavities are idealized
  6. Add keV spectrometer

Cave 2

generate cave2 output in mev.matched4.* w/ "elegant mev.ele"
cave2 floor coordinates media:mev.floor.txt
Noteworthy points
  1. Rotate chicane to be horizontal
  2. Add MeV spectrometer
  3. Add corrector raster lengths