Booster LLRF test plan

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To Do Before Tests

  • Check LLRF Version in chassis?
  • Test equipment moved to UITF
  • GDR-FSD has been fixed
  • What signals are still not archived?
  • Organ Harvester. Has it been tested?
  • Save-restore seems to be working
  • Slopes for calibrated signals …
  • Look at the Mike’s commissioning data and tests
  • Check tuner stalk mechanical configuration

Non-Beam Tests

  • Optimize gains for both two and seven cell.
  • Cross talk between two and seven cell cavity
  • 4kHz spurs …27 degrees are they there?
  • Microphonic backgrounds of both two and seven cell cavities
  • HDIce compressors?? Are they operational?
  • Measure mechanical cross talk between the two cavities
  • Tuner motors vs. microphonics
  • What is the frequency vs. pressure for both cavities
  • Detune klystron measurement …look at slopes

New algorithm tests

  • Load code
  • Interlock verifications
  • Resonance control is not available yet …
  • Magnitude/Phase Gain and Optimization
  • Waveforms available

Beam Tests

  • Energy spread measurement
  • Beam stability
  • RF-Longitudinal transfer function (laser …seven cell)
  • Bunch Length measurement …
  • Coupler kick effects on the beam …