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* Additional Materials
* Additional Materials
# Jay Benesch, ''Injector Incremental Improvements'': [[media:Injector_incremental_improvement_list.pdf]]
# Jay Benesch, ''Injector Incremental Improvements'': [[media:Injector_incremental_improvement_list.pdf]]
# Jay Benesch, ''Wien Filter Upgrade'': [[media:Wien_filter_revision.pdf]]

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This set of meetings is intended to describe the design, planning and installation of a new injector in the CEBAF accelerator.

Accelerator Meetings

  • CEBAF Injector Upgrade Meeting August 27, 2015:
  1. Joe Grames, Considerations for CEBAF Injector Upgrade: media:150824_Upgrade_Grames.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Advanced Injector: media:advanced_injector_benesch.pdf
  3. Reza Kazimi, Some items to improve the injector operation: media:improve_injector_operation_kazimi.pptx
  4. Minutes: media:Inj_Upgrade_Meeting_27Aug2015.pdf
  • CEBAF Injector Upgrade Meeting September 10, 2015:
  1. AIP Full Energy Injector Upgrade charter: media:INJ_Full_Energy_Injector_Upgrade_charter.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Advanced Injector - possible specs: media:advanced_injector_specs_10sep2015.pdf
  3. Reza Kazimi, Full Energy Injector Upgrade: media:FullInjTalk_09-10-2015v4.pdf
  4. Minutes: media:Minutes_for_Full_Energy_Inj_Meeting_10Sept2015.pdf
  • Additional Materials
  1. Jay Benesch, Injector Incremental Improvements: media:Injector_incremental_improvement_list.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Wien Filter Upgrade: media:Wien_filter_revision.pdf