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::[[200kV Choppers]]
::[[200kV Choppers]]
::[[Vacuum Upgrades]]
::[[Vacuum Upgrades]]
::[[A1 Aperture Motor Control]]
==ATLIS Tasks==
==ATLIS Tasks==

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This area is related to Injector Upgrade Meetings

Injector upgrade calendar

Run (now - May 6)
Phase 1 (May 6 - end of 2020)
Run (Jan 2021 - Sep 13 2021)
Phase 2 (Sep 13 - end of 2021)

Injector Upgrade Meetings

Link to AIPINJ OneDrive folder

AIPINJ Layouts

Injector Upgrade Documents and Links


200KV 15 deg dipole
200KV gun BPM's
200kV Wien Filter
Injector Solenoids Upgrade
200kV Quadrupoles
200kV PSS Kicker
200kV Prebuncher
200kV Choppers
Vacuum Upgrades
A1 Aperture Motor Control