CEBAF Injector Upgrade

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This set of meetings is intended to describe the design, planning and installation of a new injector in the CEBAF accelerator.

Injector Upgrade Meetings

Test January 20 Test January 19 Test January 18 Test January 17 Test January 16 Test January 15 Test January 21

Accelerator Meetings

  • CEBAF Injector Upgrade Meeting August 27, 2015:
  1. Joe Grames, Considerations for CEBAF Injector Upgrade: media:150824_Upgrade_Grames.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Advanced Injector: media:advanced_injector_benesch.pdf
  3. Reza Kazimi, Some items to improve the injector operation: media:improve_injector_operation_kazimi.pptx
  4. Minutes: media:Inj_Upgrade_Meeting_27Aug2015.pdf
  • CEBAF Injector Upgrade Meeting September 10, 2015:
  1. AIP Full Energy Injector Upgrade charter: media:INJ_Full_Energy_Injector_Upgrade_charter.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Advanced Injector - possible specs: media:advanced_injector_specs_10sep2015.pdf
  3. Reza Kazimi, Full Energy Injector Upgrade: media:FullInjTalk_09-10-2015v4.pdf
  4. Minutes: media:Minutes_for_Full_Energy_Inj_Meeting_10Sept2015.pdf
  • CEBAF Injector Upgrade Meeting September 25, 2015:
  1. Reza Kazimi, Simulations of injector aperture: media:ApertureCheckv04.pptx
  2. Minutes: media:Full_Energy_Injector_Meeting_25 September 25.pdf
  • Additional Materials
  1. Jay Benesch, Injector Incremental Improvements: media:Injector_incremental_improvement_list.pdf
  2. Jay Benesch, Wien Filter Upgrade: media:Wien_filter_revision.pdf