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  • 18" HV chamber with WP NEG modules and perforated shield screen
  • 10" CF flange vacuum fired and engraved with CIS-ASY-R30-1 reference
  • R30 doped alumina insulator
  • Spherical electrode
  • Pierce geometry electrode front end
  • 6" anode diameter with raised up hole and with holes for laser in/out at 25 deg incidence
  • 9 cm anode-cathode gap
  • Delivered 300 keV beam in GTS
  • Gun assembly removed form beam line in 2018 to make room for Thermionic gun program.
  • 350kV Gun with Guts blue puck.jpg
  • BlackR30 & SS electrodesISO.jpg
  • Anode plate John's design.jpg