CIS Phase 1 work plans

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Week 1 (Sep 21 - Sep 27)

Week 2 (Sep 28 - Oct 4)

Fri 9/25 - Mon 9/28
  • CIS Gun Jobs
Wien electrode testing – 9am!!!
Gun HVPS lockout - DONE
Gun HV cable disconnect – DONE
Remove PIG – Coordinate w/ Neil for convenient time
Shukui - Laser outrigger table as-founds, remove components
Scott - Remove yellow box
Scott - Disconnect Decarad

Monday 9/28 Tasks (updated 0915 9/28)
  • Power down Wein system (Scott/Joe)
  • Power down and remove DecaRad system (Scott)
  • Return gun valve config to "normal" (Marcy)
  • Dispose of grey mineral oil tank in coordination w/ESH&Q (Carlos/Bubba)
  • PSS Kickers and associated chassis removal (SSG)
  • Laser table disassembly (Shukui/Scott)

Tuesday 9/29 Tasks (updated 0930 9/29)
  • (Done) Disconnect BPMs 2I01->0I02A (Pete) beginning 5a
  • (Done) Disconnect aperture and cup signal cables (Pete) 5a
  • Disconnect rad probes (Melvin) 8a
  • Tunnel magnet disconnects (Diggs, Delk) 10a
  • (Done) Removal of old chopper amps from rack (Farrish)
  • Harp upgrade to PC104 (Dela Cruz)
  • ODH Head Replacements (SSG)
  • Document existing Wein cabling and power off PS (Scott)

Wednesday 9/30 Tasks (updated 0900 9/30)
  • RF Prebuncher disconnects (Farrish) 6a
  • Vacuum Component Labeling (Greenfield, Gonzales) 430a
  • Magnet disconnects -- wire wrap-ups, junction box investigation (Coleman, Diggs, Delk) 10a
  • Tiny magnet removals (Scott, Grames) 9a
  • PSS Kicker Magnet removal (SSG) 9a
  • Sample hold cables install, InjSB (Francis)
  • Moser transfers CCOC phone @1430, to reach moving forward x5089

Thursday 10/1 Tasks (updated 1000 9/29)
  • Picoammeter Removal, InjSB (Francis) 5a
  • Viewer hardware disconnects (Norris) 6a
  • Disconnecting water and air lines from apertures and cups (Adderley) 8a
  • Mech Install Pre-Job Walk-Thru (Grames, Wilson) 9a

Tue 9/29 – Fri 10/1 (updated 0900 9/30)
Tunnel Work
Time Mon 9/28 Tue 9/29 Wed 9/30 Thu 10/1 F 10/2
4a - 8a I&C; 5a: Francis: BPMs, Cups, Apertures I&C; 430a: Greenfield + Gonzales: vacuum labelling; 6a: Farrish: Prebuncher I&C; 6a: Norris: Viewer Disconnects I&C
8a - 10a CIS + SSG RadCon: rad probes SSG: Kicker magnet removal; CIS: Tiny magnet removals CIS; Adderley: Aperture+Cups Air/Water; Grames: Mech Install Walk-Thru
10a - 12p CIS + SSG DC Power DC Power: Wire wrap-ups, junction box investigation
12p - 2p CIS + SSG DC Power DC Power: Wire wrap-ups, junction box investigation DC Power
2p - 4p CIS + SSG DC Power 3p: Moser: Safety Warden checks
4p - ??
Other Work Occurring When Convenient
  • Remove suitcase, Tunnel (CIS)
  • Harp upgrade, InjSB (I&C)
  • ODH Head Replacement, InjSB and Tunnel (SSG)
  • PSS Chassis Removals, InjSB (SSG)

Week 3 (Oct 5 - Oct 11)

  • Vacuum disconnects

Week 4 (Oct 12 - Oct 18)

Week 5 (Oct 19 - Oct 25)

  • Injector is now in restricted access all the time
  • LOTO and system disconnects

Week X