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===COVID-19 Response===
===COVID-19 Response===
-instructions for mac remote access w/ and w/o security card
-instructions for mac remote access w/ and w/o security card
:4/23/20 - web-based tools to remotely access mya database
:4/23/20 - web-based tools to remotely access mya database

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Safety is our #1 priority. In this area we maintain information useful for working professionally safely.

COVID-19 Response

-instructions for mac remote access w/ and w/o security card
4/23/20 - web-based tools to remotely access mya database
myquery documenation => https://github.com/JeffersonLab/myquery
4/7/20 - Shipping and Receiving reminder
Shipping & Receiving (S&R) is operating on minimal staff this week to process packages and freight coming into the lab through Friday, March 27. For items received and processed, such as recording shipping information, completing invoices and updating the financial records, lab personnel may come to the S&R area in the EEL building to pick up their items through Friday, March 27 at 4 p.m.

After Friday, March 27, S&R will be on-call to receive freight trucks and critical items delivered to the lab. Contact Christian Whalen at (757) 269-5899 if you are expecting a critical shipment.

Shipping is extremely limited to critical items needed for ongoing projects. Submission of the Shipping Authorization form as early as possible will help to prioritize and determine the support needed to complete the shipment.
4/6/20 - EDX link for free home education/classes
3/25/20 - Requests for IT support like this...
For Accelerator related problems => https://logbooks.jlab.org >> Useful Links >>  ACE-PR (service-now.com)

For General Computing Services (CNI) => https://jlab.service-now.com or https://cc.jlab.org >> “Submit New Incident” (Upper left corner)
3/25/20 - How to access various JMenu screens by internet:
OPS => https://epicsweb.jlab.org
FEL (LERF) => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/fel/wmenu/
CHL => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/chl/wmenu/
ITF => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/itf/wmenu/
RF => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/srf/wmenu/

4/9/20 - Probably the best site to track the COVID-19 curve and statistics: https://www.trackthecurve.com/
3/24/20 - Crystal provided us a standing bluejeans link for on-the-fly CIS meetings: https://bluejeans.com/933607120
3/18/20 - Here is a nice graphical COVID-19 world tracker plot updated daily: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/infection-trajectory-flattening-the-covid19-curve/
3/18/20 - Interesting world-meter plot: https://www.worldometers.info
3/17/20 - Here is the standing Tuesday B-Team bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/406649861
3/17/20 - Here is the COVID-19 JLab information link (use your JLab username/password to login): https://jlab.service-now.com/cv19?id=cv19_index
3/16/20 - Here is the standing consolidated MCC daily 8am / wed 1:30 bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/569476853
3/16/20 - Stuart's MEDCON-5 announcement: https://www.jlab.org/directors-messages/jlab-implementing-medcon-5-precautions-starting-tuesday-march-17-msg6


  • Feb 26, 2020 All-Hands Meeting
Slides media:Acc-Safety-All-Hands-26-Feb-2020-r5-2.pptx
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