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Pressure Systems

  • CEBAF SF6 HVPS pressure vessel - ASME 100 psi
  • UITF SF6 HVPS Pressure vessel - ASME 100 psi
(no tank drawings):
(complete, w/ tank drawings):
  • GTS SF6 10 psi aluminum gun tank for gun
Alternation #1 - SF6 10 psi R28 resistor tank
  • UITF SF6 DILO Recovery cart
UITF - SF6 DILO recovery cart for UITF/mobile purchased back in 2013 -
UITF - Portable DILO SF6 Transfer and Recovery Cart (purchased 2013) (copy of 19051 but with two alterations):
Alteration #1 - SF6 10 psi R28 resistor tank
Alteration #2 - 500 kV SF6 10 psi HV chamber -

CEBAF Specific OSPs, TOSPs and LOSPs

These procedures are managed via document control with links to individual procedures as shown below, but these documents can also be found using the search tool at this link:

LERF Specific OSPs, TOSPs and LOSPs

Official documents managed via document-control for CEBAF

Other documents NOT managed via document-control