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these procedures are managed via document control with links to individual procedures as shown below, but these documents can also be found using the search tool at this link:

CEBAF Injector Laser Cleanroom (ACC-18-76974-LOSP), valid through 5/26/2021:

CEBAF Injector Laser System (ACC-19-94369-LOSP), valid through 10/31/2022:

CEBAF Battery Bias Box, Draft OSP media:DraftOSP_Battery_bias_box_maintenance.docx and Task Hazard Analysis media:draftTHA_battery_bias_box_maintenance.docx

Other official documents managed via document-control, e.g., official assessments

CEBAF Injector Power Supply SF6 Tank & 350 kV Receptacle (PS-ACC-17-001)

CEBAF Industrial Hygiene Assessment for SF6 exposure evaluated June 2018 by Jennifer Williams : requested link to official assessment

DILO SF6 Transfer and Recovery OLD STYLE Cart Tech Manual: File:D-320-R006 B143R01 Manual E Rev 06 21 2012.pdf

DILO SF6 Transfer and recovery NEW (2019) Cart specs: File:B143R11 Data Sheet.pdf

SF6 Inventory log and calculation sheets are located at:O:\inj_group\SF6 Gas Management and Inventory

Task Hazard Analysis for NEG sputter coating media:THA_NEGSputtering.docx

NFPA posting for chambers containing NEG materials from Jennifer Williams media:NEG component_ nfpa.docx