COVID visit questions

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General requirements
(i) there is clear benefit to the lab that can't be achieved without on-site access
(ii) the visit or meeting can be accomplished in compliance with our established MEDCON 5 controls.
Getting approval
  1. Names and affiliations of who will be visiting
  2. Date of the on-site visit
  3. Names of who from the lab will be meeting with the visitor(s)
  4. Buildings/rooms where the visit/meeting will take place and total maximum number of people that will be together
  5. Purpose of the visit/discussion
  6. Benefit to Jefferson Lab for holding an on-site meeting and why the same objective can't be accomplished by VTC or remotely
Once approved
  1. Once approved visitors will be required to go through visitor access registration process and be subject to those restrictions, which include local quarantine for 14 days if they travel to the lab by commercial aircraft.
  2. To request access, go to to complete and submit a new registration form at least seven days before on-site arrival. Once an access request is approved, Users will be prompted to complete the training. Two days before a User’s scheduled onsite arrival, an email will be sent notifying them to complete and submit the health questionnaire.