Data Acquisition System

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DAQ Hardware

  • Electronic Map of Mott Crates (May 06, 2014):



  • Cabling of FADC, Scalers, and TDC (February 12, 2014):



  • DAQ Timing (February 12, 2014):



  • Discriminator threshold adjustments (18January2015):



DAQ Software

Manuals and References

  • Jefferson Lab Data Acquisition Group CODA Wiki [1]

To-do List

* Analysis List:
  1. Add delayed helicity analysis for Mott_Sample and Mott_SemiInt Modes. Delayed analysis is already included for Scalers and PEPPo_Int Modes.
  2. Modify decoder for the updated Mott_SemiInt mode. Started: /work/idaq/Mott/Analysis/1, Runs: 7642, 7672. Sample: 7673
  3. Update MottOnline
  4. Replace "PEPPo" with "Mott" in scripts, decoder, ... .

* New Delayed Helicity Readout Scheme for Physics Events Trigger

* Things to do to speed up the DAQ and reduce deadtime:
  1. Use the new SemiIntFast Mode:
    1. Upgrade the time-of-flight readout to the FADC TDC mode
    2. Upgrade the scalers readout to the FADC Scaler mode
    3. Add Block Readout
  2. Reduce the Mott Trigger rate by rejecting low energy electrons or dump events:
    1. Increase E-detector discriminator thresholds
    2. Veto dump events using beam timing signal